Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Walk is Coming!

Less than a month until the Walk to End Alzheimer’s! The time to join is now!

I have currently raised $300 and my team has raised $400!

And I currently have 2.5 people on my team! That means that, come walk day, it might just be me, my mom and June. The good news is that June LOVES her stroller so it could be supercute to decorate. The other news is that I’m buying an Ergo baby carrier and might be a little obsessed with it and need to carry her. We’ll see.

I was sort of counting on Michael to anchor the team but he’s getting his other bunion correction surgery this Friday (!!) and we don’t know yet how he’ll feel about walking by Nov. 5th. Best case scenario: he walks. Worst case scenario: he provides coffee and donuts and motivational sign-carrying to the team.

I'd love for you to join or donate. Links:

Go to my personal page (to donate)

Go to my team page (to join or donate)

1 comment:

  1. I'm looking forward to walking to end Alzheimer's with you and June. Will decide later if Einstein will participate!