Saturday, October 22, 2011


I finally got around to uploading some pictures from last weekend (actually I was trying to get to ones of this fun weekend) so I can make some new photo-heavy blogs!

Let me tell you, I love my nephew Kai. And I love my daughter June. And I just about died watching them actually play together. Kai was rolling the ball to June and June would roll it back! At this point we're a little unsure if she's doing it on purpose or not, but she just kept doing it!
True, June will also lift the ball to put it in her mouth, but that's beside the point.
Kai is very patient and gentle with June directly, but he's a total ham when it comes to entertaining her. He was jumping around, making faces, bouncing on his knees, sprawling out on the floor...doing anything to make her shriek with glee. And shriek she did!

Papa, ViVi and June.
June looks like a gigantor in this next one:
And I have to include this next picture because it's just so cute. My mom took Kai outside to play soccer in our little back yard, but Kai insisted that you MUST do 15 jumping jacks before you can play. (He's serious about warming up muscles, people.) So I caught my mom doing a warmup routine with Kai out back.
If you're wondering what those hanging balls are, you'll just have to wait for another blog post! But I will tell you that I'm pleasantly surprised with the projects I've been able to attempt from Pinterest!

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  1. It warms my heart to see Kai and June play together. (I was there and she was definitely trying to roll that ball back to Kai. . . I couldn't beleive it at first!) After being in Delaware for 5 months, I have really missed those grandkids! Yes, I practiced soccer with Kai and I will practice soccer (or dancing) with June when she gets older. It's great to be a grandma! I recommend it :-)