Monday, October 17, 2011

Forever - Happy Anniversary, M!

It’s not hard to say ‘Forever’
While you wear a long white gown
Nothing's amiss
With that first kiss
And your friends are all around.

But it's in the day-to-day
That Forever gets its meaning.
A promise made!
A promise kept!
And the dishes need some cleaning.

Forever seems dramatic
Under a warm October sky
Oddly, though,
It seems less so
With laundry piling high. Forever starts with dreams
Of great things to be done and seen
But to be shrewd
Dreams should include
The simple moments in between.
So, compared to some, our life may seem
A small and simple thing,
I look forward to
Each day with you
With whatever Forever may bring.
That’s why I said ‘Forever’
When I said those vows to you.
And when I said ‘Forever,’
I meant it.
I still do.

Happy third anniversary, Michael. Thank you for the greatest gift of all: our baby girl. I love you so!


  1. Julie, I got tears in my eyes when I read your poem and saw your wedding pictures. You are so right in that "for better or worse, richer or poorer" means just that. You are truly fortunate when you marry your best friend and you grow, together and become even deeper in love. Happy 3rd Anniversary to two wonderful people who are made for each other!

    Love you both SO much!

  2. please tell me you wrote that.

    such a sweet dedication jules!

    congratulations!! obsessed with you two...

  3. Hi Julie Jules: are you kidding me? Is this something you composed yourself? I have to tell you (and others) how proud I am of your creative are missing your calling, because this poem captures how I feel about your mother (although the day was hot and in May and a few years ago!!)

    I love you, one of my two greatest gifts of all.