Monday, January 30, 2012


Celebrity crush on Emma Stone and Seth Meyers.

Reading about different religions on the internet.

Can’t find the discs of my wedding pictures.

Found the soundtrack to The Prince of Egypt and have since been belting out lyrics such as “Thus saith the Lord!” and “I send my scourge, I send my sword!” and also embarrassing attempts at the Hebrew parts of “When You Believe.” June thinks “By the power of Ra!” is hilarious, btw.

Starting projects and not finishing them.

Strange fascination with the GOP candidates and also recording of the Daily Show on DVR.

June sent home from school for pooping her way out of her clothes no less than five times in one day.

Can’t get it right.

June is afraid of men with facial hair?

My boss lent me Atlas Shrugged to read but the first few pages were so boring that I find myself not reading during pumping breaks, but instead watching countless “Best Liz Lemon Scenes” YouTube clips on my phone.

Fig preserves.

Thinking non-stop about DDPP.

Thinking non-stop about direction and purpose.

Thinking non-stop.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Play Date

Saturday morning found the birthday buddies, June and Matteo, reunited once more.
I haven't seen this little guy (or his mom) in a while, so I couldn't believe how much he's changed! Look at that head of hair!

They're so fun to watch together.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Girl and Her Toy

On this, my mother's birthday, I'll post some pictures I took of June while playing with a toy she got from her Vivi - a little walker that has a light-up and musical front section.

Mom is off cruising in the Caribbean (with Dad) while June and I went to Hobby Lobby today, so you could say that we're both having an equally great Saturday.

Clapping to the music:

Look at this belly overhang!

Happy birthday, Vivi, from a very silly and fun Junebug who loves her walker!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dance Dance Party Party

I heard about this thing called Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP for short).

The basic concept is that women can get together in a location and dance…just…dance. The rules are: No boys. No booze. No judgment. There are no men allowed, so you don’t have to dress sexy or wear uncomfortable heels. You don’t have to worry about some guy trying to grind on your for 90 minutes doing the same up and down bounce move until you can no longer feel your quads. You don’t have to create a secret facial expression that tells your girls to come over and rescue you from this creeper.

You can show up wearing pink sequin booty shorts or sweats or a Venetian mask or a tutu. You can dance in a circle with some strangers or you can go dance alone by the multi-colored rotating disco ball that someone bought at Target for $19.99. You can try out sexy new moves or do interpretive dance or spend an entire song flopping around on the ground like a salmon. It's a completely free form dance group and by the end you're sweating like crazy.

The organizer makes a 60-minute songlist for everyone to jam out to, or people can sign up to be guest DJs (awesome DJ alias required) to make a playlist.

No one judges you because everyone is like you. Everyone there knows what it feels like to just want to dance. A group of girls who have each been caught dancing alone in their living rooms. Come together with girls like yourself, girls that work tedious jobs and sit in a cube all day on the computer. Or girls that are students who are sick of the bar scene or don’t want to pay cover charges or get drunk or get harassed by douchebags. You come and the lights are low and the music is loud and no one cares if you look like a crazy person spazzing on uppers. Dance it out. Kill it. It's exercise. It's therapy.

In short, this is my dream come true.

There's a group in Chicago and New York and they're popping up in cities all over the US and even in other countries. There isn't a Phoenix chapter yet. Am I insane for wanting to found one?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Salvage

By the end of this post you will realize that I put you, my three readers, above myself. I have to tell you about a cool little place I came across even if it means you'll go to the place and steal all the cute things before I get there.

It's called Sweet Salvage and it's only open once a month for four days (Thurs-Sun). It sells things of the shabby chic nature...antiques, refurbished furniture, old books, decorative items. Every month has a fresh theme. I went for the first time on Saturday with a dear friend and we had a great time.

My first goal was not to break anything and my second goal was to buy something. I'm so hesitant with decorating the home. We don't really have a set style and I'm a little indecisive. You also have to consider that Michael is not the type of husband to say, "Whatever you want, dear." He's the type who has an opinion, which can be a great thing or a frustrating thing (He vetoed the Hogwarts themed guest bathroom idea, go figure.)

I bought three things but I only have a picture of one. (All of these pictures were taken with my phone to be sent to Michael with a "WHAT DO YOU THINK?") This is a little old fashioned tool box I bought (items inside it not included).
Here's a little shelf unit that I loved but didn't get. As you might be able to see, it looks like the start of a spiral staircase and leads up to shelves. I thought it'd be cool in our little dining area to use in place of a china cabinet. Remi made a great point that my china cabinet would quickly turn into a china playground for the Junebug.
This chandelier reminded me of the awesome one we had in a cute townhouse we rented in Old Town Scottsdale. I didn't end up getting it but I might if it's still there next month.
Lastly, this is a cute old buffet. I thought about using it as an entryway table. Love the storage space, the old time feel, the narrowness of the whole thing. I got cold feet, however, and decided that this kind of purchase needed to be done with Michael in attendance.
Here's the website again. Check it out if you're interested! It's such a unique little place that I wish I had unlimited funds to spend in. And if you do go, save some deals for me!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Picnic

We went on a family walk with picnic pit stop today! We'd thought about going to a mall instead to walk around, shop and look at the puppies in the store. (I know, I know, puppy mills, etc. It's terrible. But they're so cute and June gets SO excited around dogs so we always walk through.) I'm so glad we decided to keep it outdoorsy.

It's so fun now that June can eat some of the things we eat. We brought a little jar of baby food with us but didn't end up using it because June ate pea crisps and avocado and turkey.

The grown ups also had some sliced meat and cheese and bread. Very romantic!

We also took June to the little playground. She was mostly interested in all the dogs that were walking through but we got her down the slide a couple of times.
And she really liked swinging!
I need more stuff like this in my life right now. I need more creativity, more slow time, more hand eating, more baby kisses. Couldn't every day be Sunday, just once?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Health Updates

June finally got a tooth! It's here!

Along with a double ear infection and pink both eyes.

She and I stayed home from school/work on account of general contagiousness and the appointment with the pediatrician. Considering all her little ailments, it was a really great day. I'm still waiting for the teething axe to fall and leave us with a Baby Who Won't Sleep and other symptoms. I get stressed waiting for stressful parts to come.

We're so happy for June and her little sharp tooth and I'm still saying goodbye to her gummy smile. I'll try to think of it fondly as she shrieks at the horror of having eye drops dripped into her peepers.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Start Your Engines

For Christmas this year I got Michael a Rusty Wallace Racing Experience, which means he had the chance to drive a NASCAR stock car at the Phoenix International Raceway. I was really hoping to finally beat him in surprise gift awesomeness, but he got me an iPhone, so...

On Saturday, after leaving the Junebug with my parents, we headed out to arrive for the 8 am start time. We were a little early, so stopped to take in the view of the sun rising over South Mountain and the Gila River.

Last minute before leaving the house I borrowed a long-sleeved shirt from my mom because I suddenly realized that, while a tank and light sweater might be warm enough for the day's high, it might be a tad light for the pre-dawn weather. Um...yeah, the people that arrived with blankets, scarves, fuzzy jackets and gloves were complaining about the cold. I was...clinging desperately to the fleece blanket from our trunk and thanking Mom silently for her shirt.
Michael first got suited up while all of us wives oogled the cars that were being brought around.

In case you're wondering, the drivers were put through a whopping 45 minute theory-based training before being put in charge of such death machines.
I'm pretty sure the main thesis statement for this training was "Try To Scare the Shorts Off Hot-Dogging Middle-Aged Men so as to Minimize Damages." (Michael was the youngest by a good 10-15 years.) Some of them were trying to be cowboys, asking about "rev limiters" and how fast they could max out, etc. etc. The teacher (a racer, herself, and missing a pinkie) tried to frighten some responsibility into them.

Examples: "I used to not let families into the training because every time we did there was a crash" or "Last time I was in Phoenix we had 4 crashes!"

Then it was time to go outside where I could shake from the cold/terror while Michael got assigned to a car.
The cockpits are so tiny that the steering wheel is detached until after the driver climbs in (through the window).
Michael got the Budweiser car (the other gents wanted this one)!
That's his helmet on the roof. I only freaked out about this for, oh, 20 minutes, pacing back and forth muttering, "They'll remember that the helmet's on the roof, right? The helmet...important...won't forget..." because I'm so used to people (me) forgetting things set on the roof.
Spoiler alert: they didn't forget about the helmet.
Then they were off!
They did a couple of warm-up laps behind the pace car before it pulled off and left the rest to the drivers!

There were 12 men in Michael's group (no women) but only 5 drivers on the track at a time, plus some professionals coming on and off who were giving "ride-alongs" to other participants. Michael had a one-way radio, meaning that the trainer could give the drivers instructions but the drivers couldn't talk back or ask questions. The cars can get up around 150 mph on this track but Michael thinks he only got up to around 90 on the straight aways because this isn't a super speedway - it's a shorter tri-oval track. Also: the cars don't have speedometers in them...never knew that.

The wives all got to sit around and feverishly snap photos and be nervous. Like so:
My Race Day Prayer List looked a little something like this:
  1. Dear God, please don't let Michael get in a crash or sustain any kind of physical or mental harm.
  2. Dear God, please don't let Michael get in a crash because we didn't pay for the $60 insurance and they made him write out "I realize that I'm responsible for up to $15,000 in damages" and then sign.
  3. Dear God, let Michael love the experience
  4. Dear God, let Junebug be a good girl for Vivi and Papa
  5. Dear God, let these pictures turn out
  6. Dear God, let me regain feeling in my fingers
Here is a shot from the in-car camera that recorded the whole thing. The reason Michael looks like he has tyrannosaurus arms is because there are arm restraint things that are safety-oriented and the steering wheel is practically against his chest. He has acquired a large respect for just how difficult a job NASCAR driving really is.

All six of my Race Day Prayer List items were answered and I think it was a really great experience all around.

Michael, I hope you enjoyed your gift, and thank you for not getting into any wrecks that would have left us eating Ramen for the rest of the year.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Christmas Post that Almost Wasn't

Yikes! Could have sworn I already blogged about this but it must have slipped through. I couldn't let some of these pictures go unposted, however, which is why you're still seeing yet another Christmas post halfway through January.

One thing that has been pretty standard in my family's home is the spreading-out of Christmas. We'd usually have some kind of celebration the weekend before we flew to Illinois so that we wouldn't have to haul all of our gifts out there for the actual holiday, and so that we could exchange all together if some members couldn't go back to Illinois that year. I've always enjoyed it because, as a Christmas enthusiast, it just means more Christmas!

This year my immediate family did our exchange on the 29th, after Michael, June and I got back from Indianapolis and after the extended family left Arizona.

June had to open her gifts before dinner because we were swiftly approaching her bedtime.
She got great gifts, but the big one was from my parents: a little walker that also lights up and has an activity center.
I have a really cute little video of her walking with Kai in the background shouting, "She's doing it, she's walking!" But for now I'll just have to post this blurry iPhone picture and hope you understand just how adorable and proud and excited she looked.
We gave Kai one of his gifts to open so he didn't feel left out. Michael and I got him some foam swords, which he proceeded to use to fight everyone in the room.
Mom's on her knees because Kai already chopped her legs off. Obviously.
Kai must have been very skilled with his sword to have "killed" Daddy and Papa.
And then dinner, sweet dinner. For the I-don't-remember-how-many-years-in-a-row, we've ordered Montgomery Inn ribs, sauce and Grater's ice cream for Christmas. They are so delectable that I won't even try to describe. Just: delish. Pure delish.
June and I, both bibbed.
After dinner, after dishes, after baby bedtimes, came the gift opening. Our big gift to Kai was a Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt. He put it on immediately and loved it so much that all of my attempts to capture it on camera looked like this:
Or this:
Or this:
We had to (almost) literally hold him down to get a good one.
By now I'm a little tired of wishing you a Merry Christmas at the end of my posts, so I will wish you a merry Infinity and Beyond!