Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Check out the results of the Pumpkin Carving Contest! The clear winner was Pumpkin #4, which was carved by none other than Vicki/Mom/Vivi! Well done!

That winky pumpkin is a hit!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I went to work dressed as Bella Swan, mostly as an excuse to be seen in public with a plastic baby arm sticking out of my pillow-enhanced abdomen. I added a neck bite (red nail polish) and some shadowing in the face to give me a gaunt look. The vacant expression was adopted to be more like the movies (zing!).

Work was fun, we had a potluck, people got a good laugh out of the ol' arm. Might be because I kept thrusting my hips forward and asking for high fives (with the extra hand). Sometimes I miss my big baby belly, but I was awfully glad to take that pillow out at the end of the day.

The Arm did help me get my words per minute up! It covered my space bar!

Some bad news - June has croup AND a double ear infection. I feel so bad for her...she had to come home from school on Monday and has been staying home ever since. We still decided to put her in her Halloween costume today and walk her around to a couple of houses of neighbor friends. My mom was able to come and Michael had to work, so it was a girls (very short) night out.

It wasn't the most lively of Halloweens, though we did run out of candy around 7:30. (Let's hope we don't get egged.) June took a bath at 6 and kept hearing the doorbell go off, asking "trick or treat?" with a worried expression. 

Let's hope that next Halloween is a healthier one!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The pumpkins were bought. The knives were sharpened. The designs were selected. The skills were honed.

We had a carving contest between me, Michael, Fred&Judy (team), Kai, JP, Mom and June. And there can be only one winner. 

Please cast your vote in the poll so we can know who is the Dominator of Halloween!

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

Pumpkin #3

Pumpkin #4

Pumpkin #5

Pumpkin #6

And Pumpkin #7: 

SPOILER ALERT: That last one was JP's. 


Please vote and the winner will be decided on all Hallows Eve.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Festival with Family

On Saturday we gathered the troops and headed out to Schnepf Farms to celebrate autumn!

Seems fitting that there was a big open spot in the middle of our group picture - it's where my dad would have been if he'd been in town.  

Because it doesn't make sense to only get use of a costume on one day, I decided it would be fun to have June wear her costume at the Farm. It resulted in a lot of cute pictures (before it got too warm and had to come off), so I hope you'll humor me and allow me to go overboard.

As usual, June lit up upon seeing and being able to spend time with her cousin.

But she was also glad to be able to see her Grammy, Papaw Fred, Vivi and Uncle JP ("baypee").

 (Notice that Kai is "Junior" and June is "Jose")

June loves pumpkins. She wants to pick them up, sit on them, lay on top of them, call them "big pumpkin" and "baby pumpkin"...

 ... so basically she was in heaven.

We tried to fit in as much as we could before June's inevitable need for a nap. We played on the playground, saw the petting zoo and jumped on the big inflated domes:

Rode the rides:

And saw the pig races:

We finished the afternoon by taking a ride on the train around the Farm.

I couldn't help taking a picture of the following moment. I told Kai that June got scared going through the tunnel so he could hold her hand to let her know she was safe. He reached down and held her hand and kept it the rest of the way. Nearly broke my heart from cuteness.

We were all pretty tired after our afternoon in the sun, but we had such a good time and loved celebrating a Fall Festival right before Halloween.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Life According to My Phone

A lot of things going on these days!

My in-laws are in town and June was able to stay home from school with her Grammy and Papaw Fred!

I have a seemingly never-ending DIY project in the works in the garage that will hopefully be done in the next year or so.

A lot of changes happening at work.

A lot of new developments for June, including opening doors, saying "bless you" and being afraid of dogs.

June fell down while playing outside at school and scraped her head, poor thing.

Tonight I held June a little longer than usual when putting her down for the night. I'd read a heart-breaking story in the news. (I won't share details, so much am I disturbed, but it's the case of the mom and the nanny and the two kids in NYC.) Anyway, I just needed to hold her a little tighter and let her know how much I loved her just then. And when I finally set her down in her favorite corner of the crib, she suddenly grabbed my wrist and held it with her baby grip firm. And I left my hand there, me giving her comfort, her giving me comfort, until she eventually let go and rolled onto her side. I think she was trying to let me know how much she loved me just then.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Those Blinds Are Curtains

That was an attempt at a pun with the whole "curtains" = gone/no more/outta here, but I don't think it worked very well. And I heard once that puns were the lowest form of humor. I don't think so. Bathroom humor HAS to be lower than puns. Puns are wordplay and words are for smart people, right? I'm ... losing where I was going with this blog post.

Michael and I got to a point where we hated the blinds that came with our huge sliding glass doors. They had to go. So go they did. 



We...definitely like the idea. Not sure if we're going to stick with these exact curtains (from Ikea). I love the textured under-layer that lets light in while still giving a veil of privacy. The thicker, outer curtains just need something else. When they are pulled out it sort of looks like we have bed sheets hanging or something.

I've got another project in the works that will bring some color to the room, so maybe we'll tie that in somehow.

Anyway, I love the two-layer approach. I was telling Michael about my vision, and thinking of ways I could build a contraption to allow me to have two separate curtains hanging independent of each other. Then Michael says, "They sell those." Ugh, my awesome inventions are always already manufactured. My feelings of creativity diminish by the week.

Thanks to Michael for getting these set up!

And to our JuneHelper. She steadied the ladder for us.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Four Years

It's been four years since Michael and I said "I do." (Technically it's been four years and a day. Man, I really wanted to post this yesterday but never got the time to come in and complete it.)

Four years. Three residences. Two job changes. One baby.

And this has been the first full year of marriage where we've been parents!


All the good stuff is in the card this year, but I'd like to make an addition. Thank you for loving me steadily and unconditionally. (Whenever I get to that place in "You Are My I Love You" that says, "I am your quiet place, you are my wild" I think of you and me...except, you know, opposite.) Thank you for forgiving the silly things I do, like spray painting in the garage and leaving all my shoes by the door. (Though I'd like it noted that June brings some of those out from the closet when she wants to go on a walk.)

Thanks for showing you love me in so many different ways. Like getting the license plate that allows us to drive in the carpool lane, then setting up a system where we'd switch cars each month so both could benefit from the lane, but then never actually claiming your month to drive the Prius. And understanding that tense moments on TV call for me coming over and having physical contact with you, such as The Walking Dead or Presidential debates.

I love you. And I will still need you, I will still feed you, when you're sixty-four.


I hope you don't mind if I link to the post (right here) I wrote las year for our anniversary. It was a simple little poem that I re-read and realize that I feel it just as much this year. 

We did such a romantic thing this year - we went back to CopperWynd for dinner! It's the spot we got engaged AND married. We sat out on the patio, along the path we all walked down to get to the ceremony. (Basically exactly where Dad and I are standing here:)

It was beautiful, lovely, romantic, fun. My parents even surprised us by sending a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate with! (Thanks again, Mom and Dad!)

And then we decided to go for a stroll, just like we did the evening we got engaged. We went through a little gate with this mechanism on it that I thought was just a child lock. We didn't even spend five minutes in that particular pool/garden area and we turned around to head back. It wasn't just a child lock, it was a human lock. There must have been some kind of timer set up to lock the gates at precisely 9:22 pm because we suddenly could not get out of the area.

Which led to the inevitable - climbing the fence.

Originally it was just Michael to see if he could get a better handle on the lock. When that proved fruitless, over the fence I a maxi dress. Sure, I tied it up around my legs to provide more fluidity of movement, but I've had run-ins with stucco walls before, so this was no laughing matter.

...Except I laughed the whole time. Which is just how an anniversary should be, I think. And a marriage. That too.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beauty and the Beasts

The family - minus my dad - went the to zoo on Saturday. It was so awesome. 

First, Kai took it upon himself to be the map man/navigator and had his map held out the entire time so he could show us where we were and where we were headed. 

I think we all see a future explorer/architect in our midst!

June was so great. She rolled around in her stroller for a bit but mostly wanted to walk while holding hands. Vivi was the one she mainly wanted to hold hands with, but she accepted Daddy and asked for Kai later in the day.

Michael and I are talking about getting a membership. Any zoo members out there? From Phoenix or other? Do you go to the zoo as much as you should considering your membership? I feel like we might not go as much as would warrant it. But man did June love to see those animals.

Probably the funniest part of the day was when we saw the monkeys. One came right up against the glass (June couldn't decide if she was glad or not) and Kai immediately decided to show the monkey the map. That monkey studied that map pretty hard, and it was decided that if a sudden monkey outbreak occurred and they managed to escape the zoo, we'd have a 5 year-old boy to blame for showing them the way out.