Monday, October 24, 2011

Third Anniversary

On Friday night we celebrated our third wedding anniversary!
My mom and brother graciously offered to watch June so Michael and I could have a night on the town. I was a little nervous to be gone from June because, although we had gone out without her, we'd never missed her bedtime before.

We went to Scottsdale Quarter, which is a very nice, posh shopping/dining area.
We had dinner at Eddie V's, which specializes in seafood. We had lump crab for an appetizer and split entrees of halibut and scallops. It was so delicious!
Michael spent our romantic evening on crutches. The poor guy had been at work all day (no chance to put his bum foot up) and by the time dinner rolled around his foot was throbbing. I had him lift it up and put it on my lap at dinner. Here you can see out setup along with the phone that I kept on vibrate in my lap in case my Mom or JP called.
Of course I needn't have worried. JP sent me a picture of June sound asleep just before the next part of the evening.

We went to the iPic movie theaters, which is like a premium moviegoing experience. We got the nicest seats - in the back of the theater were these big recliners. We were able to kick our feet up and get comfy. They have blankets and pillows for each seat and there is food and drink service. We had coffee (way past our usual bedtime!) and dessert (peanut butter pie). You also get free popcorn in these seats but we didn't eat much due to being completely stuffed.
We saw 50/50 which I thought was great. It was funny, sad, cute and smart.

I had such a great night with my true love! Happy Anniversary, babe!

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  1. seriously! where do you find this stuff! you two are just too much....

    happy ann!