Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jedi Soccer

On Saturday the family got together to cheer on Kai at his soccer game! Watching these little fellows run around was such a hoot. His team are the Jedi. Don't be fooled by their all black jerseys, they're the good guys, not the Sith.
That's Kai going for the ball...he's #7.

We made signs. This was our Cheer Base:

There were a few tears at falls and missed goals.
"Another chance, you will have, young padawan."

We tried to take his anguish very seriously but it was just so cute and funny watching these kids zoom around in a pack and fall all over each other.

But the Jedi Struck Back and here you can see our Kai-man scoring the second of his two goals!
Which was cause for major celebration:
At the end of the game, we formed a tunnel for the team to run through. I was sad I missed their first run through because of the great photo-op, but was pleased at the Return of the Jedi and the chance to snap this one:
"This isn't the Capri Sun you are looking for."

The Force is strong with these ones.


  1. This made my day! Thanks for posting it and making me smile. Also thanks for coming and supporting my munchkin man! Glad you guys could be there to witness his first goal. The posters you and Mom made were awesome. In a blink of an eye, June will be the one out there on the field playing!

    Love ya Jules. ;-)


  2. Julie Jules: This could possibly be the absolute best blog you have ever written!!!! How clever you are to intertwine reality with film lore....I absolutely laughed out loud. Of course, I read it with bittersweet joy because I wasn't there to loudly encourage the little Kai-naldo with "110....", "Anticipate" and that all time favorite, "5 minutes hard"!!

    You are truly gifted and missing your calling!!Love, Anonymous Dad