Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Woes of the First Trimester

We found out we were expecting again on Father's Day.

I got to buzz around those first two weeks with my little secret, thrilled and excited and loving every minute of it. I love being pregnant! I thought, I want 27 more children! This can't be my last pregnancy!

And then. And then the nausea descended. Like a thick puce-colored fog. 

It started around our 4th of July trip to San Diego, where I experienced my first public vom session at around midnight on the 4th in the hotel parking garage. (The cars drove by, thought I was a drunkard and my mood was not improved.)

Since then, it's been the usual. Nearly every morning while brushing my teeth I end up heaving into the sink. The only other public incident happened in a restaurant bathroom, during which I also got a bloody nose. As if that was what I needed at the moment. 

Needless to say, it was a very short amount of time before I was thinking, NEVER AGAIN. No more pregnancies for this one. Not ever.  

To be fair, I do think it was worse last time, it's just hard to remember exactly at this point. (It is not a coincidence that we forget the hardships of pregnancy and labor. Mother Nature gives us the pregnancy  mind fog to hoodwink us into doing it more than once.)

Another fun development about the second pregnancy...turns out that you show much earlier the second time around. I was only about 7 weeks before I had to start reverting to the old tricks (the rubber band through the button hole, the Bella Band) to make my clothes more comfortable. (The nausea - and resulting inability to tolerate pressure on my middle - didn't help.)

I had a few weeks of weird feelings about my body but was reassured by friends and the All-Knowing Internet that it's totally normal to show early the second time. The best analogy I came across was that your ab/stomach muscles are like a balloon. The first time you blow up a balloon, it's difficult because the elastic is so tight. After that, it's easier to blow up because the elastic has been stretched out. 

Even with the reassurance that it's the norm, I'm still very much looking forward to the moment when I look pregnant and not just bloated.

I'm officially out of the first trimester now, so let's hope that that glorious second trimester kicks in soon, with less nausea and more baby bump and baby kicks galore! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Upcoming Move!

As of this moment, our family is one-third moved to Sacramento!

And by that I mean that one-third of our family is physically there, while two of us remain in Arizona along with our home and belongings. To be fair, we have exactly 1 box packed, so progress!

Michael comes home next weekend for Labor Day (both of our folks are in town also), but we still treated this one like our last. We went to one last Mercury game on Friday and on Saturday we had a date night. Italian food for dinner and a movie - The Butler. 

Now June and I embark on a journey of it being Just Us Girls around the house, which I hope goes smoothly. She seems to know that big changes are happening and is especially ornery these days. It comes out in different ways, like refusing to get out of the shower and playing and flopping around for a good 20 minutes after the water had been turned off.

(Her new thing once we DO get her dried off, is to cuddle with "her babies," who she has named Tutu and Tututu/Tutu Two)

ANYWAY, Sacramento.

I am super excited about the move, even if I'm not so thrilled about all the stress we're bound to go through in the next couple of months. I'd say I'm excited for where we're going to be in about 6 months.  In the next few months, we're looking at:

  1. Putting the house on the market, and all the joys that comes with that. (Keeping it clean and de-cluttered, having to leave the house for showings, negotiations, paperwork, etc.)
  2. Packing the house
  3. Moving into some kind of temporary housing in Sacramento
  4. Michael having a new job
  5. Searching for a more permanent housing situation in Sacramento
  6. Coordinating to have our belongings transported from Arizona, unpacking
  7. Moving June to a big girl bed
  8. Preparing to have our second child
Plus I'll be transitioning to working from home full time! My job is allowing me to work remotely from Sacramento, which is SUCH a weight off my shoulders. Before that was worked out, I wondered what I'd do when I got there. Search for a job while 4-5 months pregnant? Knowing that I'd be asking for a serious chunk of time off in a few months? Go without a second income until after what would be my maternity leave? Would that mean keeping June home with me, even after having the second baby? Then how would I go on interviews?

So this allows us to keep the second income and gives me the flexibility of working from home! It will mean some challenges, though. Getting into a schedule, being as effective when over-the-phone versus in person, orchestrating long trips back. I know we'll work it out and get into a groove.

And all the while, we'll be in a city with a more mild temperature range, natural bodies of water and a huge trees-per-capita rate! The green! I can't wait for the green!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The News Times Two

This blog post has taken me forever to write. Not entirely sure why, except that I hardly know where to begin. We've had some big things in the works and we didn't want to go public with it until a certain point, and then it just felt like I had so much to say about each one that I didn't know where to begin.

So I guess I'll begin by just announcing the news!

1. I'm pregnant!

2. We're moving to Sacramento

3. We've decided to go an entire year speaking with an Italian accent**

**One of these items is factually inaccruate. Three just felt like a nice round number.

So, yes! Cat's out of the bag, etc. etc!

We found out I was pregnant first, and were thrilled and couldn't wait to tell the world. We thought we wouldn't wait as long as we did last time, and did tell our families, but then the Michael's work situation came up and we decided to postpone the baby announcement too. I'm 14 weeks along now, BabyShock is about the size of a lemon and I'm due on February 22! And will be having a Sacramento baby!

June knows about BabyShock and is very excited and VERY determined that it's a girl. So...?

Michael was contacted about a job in his industry in Sacramento a couple months ago, and that began the long process of correspondence and a trip out for an interview. Having never been to Sacramento myself, I asked him to just make a panoramic photo of his entire visit there so I could get a feel for the city. He didn't oblige me, but did set up a photo stream, which was almost as good.

The crazy thing is that Michael is moving to Sacto on Sunday and starting at his new job on Monday. June and I will hold down the fort out here while he finds a temporary housing situation and daycare and while I get the house ready to put on the market.

SO! It feels good to have that all out there! Now I can start posting all the drafts I've started and haven't been able to publish!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last Saturday night we met up with JP and Kai and went to a Diamondbacks game! It was June's first baseball game and I tried to teach her the words to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" before the 7th inning stretch.

We got the cheap-o tickets up in the Nosebleed Section because apparently baseball tickets are really expensive? Seriously, it was going to cost us like $60 a ticket to sit in the lower bowl.

What we saved in seat cost we made up for in libations.... we ate hot dogs and brats and popcorn, corndogs and chips con queso. And beer.

Corndog cheers!

There was a bit of an incident where we waited in line to get into the KidZone to play on the little playground. Right as June was allowed in, she immediately sat down and started taking her shoes off, but an employee came over and told us she was too little. I tell you, June's little disappointed face of realizing she shouldn't take her shoes off, that she couldn't play...I almost started crying myself.

Luckily all's well that ends with a toddler INSISTING you take her picture next to the giant pig.

We went back to our seats with new snacks to watch (most of) the rest of the game. Kai knew exactly when to clap and when to boo, which June mimicked immediately. We had some opposing team fans behind us, so June would sometimes clap along with them as well.

Our little band of baseballers had such a good time!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


As parents, we all creep into our childrens' rooms at night and try to take pictures of them while they sleep, right? It's a totally normal past time, is what I'm thinking.

It's usually pretty hard, especially with phone camera that has a hard time focusing, even with the flash activated.

You get the best quality out of a real camera photo, but the flash is so bright, you have to take the shot and then sprint out of the room because you're afraid the flash woke your sleeping child.

They're just so peaceful and natural when they sleep, and the positions they get themselves into are so cute and/or odd.

Know what I mean?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Content in the Crib

Should we be concerned that June has expressed exactly zero interest in climbing out of her crib?

So June still sleeps in her crib. I'm not sure what the standard age is that kids should move to a toddler bed (or twin), but I have a feeling that June is coming up on it. Sometimes when I see June in her crib, she seems so big and it feels like so long ago that she was swaddled up like a burrito and only taking up a quarter of the crib's length.

I've seen friends post on Facebook or blogs about their kids making escape attempts from the crib and it always just sort of baffles me. We haven't caught her trying to climb out even once. I haven't even seen her lift her leg up.

She just hangs out in her crib, and when she wants to get out, she calls for us to come get her. (And by "us" I mean Michael, because Daddy is THE ONLY one she wants in the mornings these days.) Maybe our crib walls are abnormally high and she couldn't get her leg up that high? She doesn't sleep with that much in her crib to get leverage on, so maybe that helps? (We've tried telling her that she is allowed to have more than one stuffed animal in her crib, normally when she's facing serious internal struggle choosing between Penguin and Puppy. She will not hear of having more than one animal.)

In all seriousness, I think she just...really likes her crib. She likes her little place. It's her little corner and she keeps it just so. She likes slipping her feet through the bars, she likes bouncing from one end to the other. She's ready to get into it at night, often turning from our last kiss and saying, "In my crib."

So I suppose we'll keep her in her crib a little longer. And maybe start sneaking things into her crib while she sleeps, like a step ladder?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Michael's Birthday Fly-By

Michael's birthday was over a week ago! And I'm only now getting around to blogging about it. It's just been...one of those weeks. 

We celebrated by picking up sushi for the adults and some chicken teriyaki for the little one. As is normal, June decreed her state of utter starvation before Michael was home from work, so she ate then. Since she was done before he even got home, he and I enjoyed a romantic dinner alone while June played in the other room, our conversation only interrupted by the occasional shout of "That one's purple, Mommy?"

We did gifts and some specialty cupcakes and allowed June to go bonkers from a sugar high for the rest of the night. 

Michael's big gift from me this year was a flight simulator experience. Michael is super interested in flying and the few times we end up at a place like Dave &Buster's finds him located in the flight simulator game. Well this was no game! It was at the air park in North Scottsdale, at flight school. It's a device with full control panel and three big-screen TVs genuinely used to train pilots how to fly. 

All the gadgets and buttons and levers worked...which means you actually had to have your thrust/flaps/other plane jargon in order when you were trying to take off.

The gift was an experience for two people, so JP went with Michael while I stayed home with June and Kai.

It was a real challenge trying to land a plane with all of the functions in order, so after a few tries at a few airports (of their choosing), the guys decided to enjoy some scenery. Such as flying under the Golden Gate Bridge, between high rises and landing in the Grand Canyon:

Luckily the instructor was really cool and didn't mind the guys goofing off. She even showed them some of the things she would throw at pilots-in-training, like heavy turbulence and a bird strike (flock of birds).

(When I first saw that picture, I said, "Ooh, fireworks!" Nope. Those are the impact marks of bird carcasses, blood and all.)

Happy birthday, Michael!