Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY Halloween Decor

So many pictures from the little Halloween party! I've decided to break them down into a couple of posts.

First, I want to show you some of the decorations I made. I had three motivators in throwing a Halloween party. First and probably most influential, finding June's Halloween costume and wanting her to have an occasion to wear it. Second, to see friends. Third, to get to make some of the awesome DIY decorations I've seen on Pinterest.

First I made this:
It's so simple...a string of Christmas lights (I used large, round, opaque bulbs) and Halloween cups that I found for cheaps! Cut an X in the bottom of the cup and just press over the bulb. Walla!
I made these little favor bags! Can you tell what they're supposed to look like?
Michael couldn't. :( They're broomsticks. There's candy inside (and little mittens or socks for the kids.)
The next item didn't turn out quite as planned but I still think looks pretty neat. It's a pumpkin that has spider-web-looking pantyhose over it.
I thought this could be a spot to take pictures of everyones' costumes:
Another suggestion from Pinterest - get a simple black table cloth and draw spider webs onto it with a silver fabric pen or permanent marker.
Cheap and easy decorations - fill glass containers with candy corn. Add candles. Don't eat candy corn that has wax drippings on it. (Does anyone actually eat candy corn anyway? Aren't they made of wax or something?)
I tried making these little ghost things out of cheese cloth and gluewater but they turned out to be duds. So I used the scrap cheese cloth to make this spooky looking addition to our nook chandelier:
A quick and easy way to spookify your front door: change your regular light bulb out for an orange one!
Pictures of party guests soon!


  1. Girl! I love candy corn! Cahuuute decorations!

  2. Julie, everything looks amazing! Erik guessed a withch's broom for your goodie bags :). Wish we could have been there and looking forward to more pics!