Friday, October 14, 2011

Film Debut

When June was two weeks old I received a phone call from a representative of the hospital where I gave birth. They were filming a promotional video and were hoping that June and I would be willing to be in the video. In the proud throes of new parenthood, I quickly said "WE'RE IN."

Five months later, I received notification that the video is up!

I'm only now remembering to blog about it. I particularly like my expression of utter overwhelmment when being told "how to care for yourself following childbirth." Michael's bummed that he had to work the day of filming, causing me to appear to be a single mom. I love how beautiful and tiny June looks.

Was this girl...
...ever this small?


  1. When we click "check it out," where do we go from there?

  2. Thanks for asking, Amy! You have to scroll to the bottom of the screen and view the video down there. Thanks!

  3. Hi! I love reading your blog, but have never commented before. I actually made my way over here a while ago from the Phx Nest.

    Anyway, love the acting. Very Realistic. :) I noticed that you gave birth to June at Phx Baptist...that's where I'll be going. This is my second child, but I gave birth to my daughter at John C Lincoln before they closed the L&D floor. How was your experience with Phx Baptist? Anything you didn't like about it? Was there a triage or did you get to go to your room from the very beginning? Were all the rooms private? Was it busy?

    Sorry for all the questions. I tried to do some research on it, but I only found patients not in the L&D ward and their experiences weren't great.