Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nursery Tour!

I present to you our baby boy's nursery!

The view from the door - the crib with a little pine tree garland hanging above it. 

I feel like the one thing we're still missing is a big photo of our family in here. I think that a big old canvas of a portrait of our family (after the baby's born) would look good and fill the space to the right of the crib in the picture above.

Our glider and pine tree decal. That's the door to the little closet.

A close-up of some of the wall decor. The moose is Fred Jr. from this site, the bear I painted (more from this post) and the 'B' was just painted onto a raw cut of wood that I bought at Hobby Lobby for $4.

Our dresser/changing area. That's a little lantern that we hope to use as the 'dim light' when doing late night feedings and changings. I hope to get a little something else to put here to prop up the lantern, or somehow  add a little more pizzazz to the area. Of course, I'm sure it'd be better to leave it clear for the wipes dispenser, diaper cream and other random baby things.

I really love the map of the United States that we bought (from here) and have hanging above the changing pad. If this baby doesn't know the capitols by the time he's 6 months, I will consider myself a failure.

I have to say that the fish rug might be my favorite part, though.

Back when we first knew we were moving in this house, I started looking for rugs to cover the floors in some of the rooms. Knowing that we were going for the outdoorsy theme in the nursery, I instantly came across this fisherman rug on Craigslist and was IN. LOVE. I drove 40 minutes away (with June in the back seat) to fetch it. Now June calls it the "Fish Rug" and I love it. 

About his bedding...

As the room came together, I decided we really needed some bold green here. The room was feeling very brown and this was the place to bring color in. I searched and searched and searched for a crib sheet and crib skirt that was what I was envisioning and had zero luck. I must have looked at hundreds of options on Amazon, Google and Etsy. Everything was either pastel green, ridiculously expensive ($69 for a crib sheet?!) or just not right.

So I didn't make the crib skirt out of ambition or because I'm a great crafter (I'm actually a pretty lazy seamstress), I made it because it was the only way to get what I wanted. I used a tutorial online like this one for the crib sheet and this one for the skirt.

The skirt isn't really a full skirt, with one large piece of fabric that lays over the crib springs. It's three panels that hang along each side of the crib. I went this route not only because it seemed endlessly easier, but because of the function. Since each panel just ties onto the springs under the mattress, when you lower the crib setting to accomodate your older, climbing child, you can just move your panels up. They won't bunch and drag on the floor!

The ties I sewed into the panels:

So there you have it - our nursery about as done as it's going to get before our little boy joins us! Now I just need my little boy who I can rock and cuddle in that glider in the wee hours of the night!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's Due

Well, it's my due date today.

Sort of. My original due date was February 22 but it was moved to the 19th after an ultrasound. I really tried to tell everyone the 22nd throughout the pregnancy because I figured I might go late again and it might help manage the expectations (and comments!).

But now the official due date is here and of course I'm feeling impatient and anxious.

My mom is in town, thank goodness. Mom came in on the 16th and I was definitely holding my breath until then, hoping the baby didn't come yet. She's been helping out with June and with stuff around the house. But it definitely feels like a waiting game.

I'm still working. From home, still, of course. This is one of the times that working from home is just the best. The idea of being back in an office and be this pregnant makes me so grateful for my sweatpants and house slippers and a bathroom a few steps away.

I've gotten to the point where nearly every conversation begins with "Baby here yet?" But on the plus side, we've also reached the point where, when people ask when I'm due and I tell them, they have a mild freakout. "Did you say tomorrow?!?!"

Because June's birth started so unconventionally (spontaneous water breaking, no contractions), I'm having a hard time picturing a birth that would start any other way. I hope things do progress naturally on their own, and that I have the awareness of my body to know that it actually is Go Time. 

(I sent this picture to a coworker after she requested photographic evidence to add to our office pool. Somehow I got boxed in for my own birthing pool and there's only about a 2 hour window of time in which I could possibly win it.)

(You might be surprised that I'm allowed to participate in the pool for my own birthing time. I offered to sit it out but my team said I'd be allowed in. One person suggested that I might schedule a c-setion at the exact moment that I guessed. I promised them that I wouldn't elect to have serious abdominal surgery to win $35. They seemed convinced.)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Disney Show

Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

I got to participate in June's school Valentine's Day party at school this year. I volunteered to stand at one of the activity booths and ended up at the cookie decorating table. Next year I'm going for a station requiring less responsibility since so many kids kept coming back for extra cookies and I wasn't sure where to draw the line. Oh, you want to decorate a cookie to bring home for your mom? That's totally fine, let me help you put it in a bag! But once you come back wanting a cookie for "Gigi" and I later see you eating "Gigi's" cookie in the corner, then no, you cannot have a 7th cookie.

I'm the worst.

Michael won Dad of the Year award by getting tickets to Rockin' Disney on Ice that night. June was psyched and decided to wear her Belle dress 

We've been to one Disney on Ice show before, but that one didn't have many princesses in it. Ariel, Belle, Merida and Rapunzel were the stars of this show, so June was in heaven.

(39 week belly shot!)

I loved looking down to see her mouthing words to the songs and clapping after each number. But my favorite was when she reached down and grabbed me and Michaels' hands to hold.

June is already pretty suspicious of the Beast, and his roaring caused her to ask me if he was angry a few times. The inclusion of Gaston's impassioned "Kill the Beast!" song caused a couple of raised eyebrows from me and Michael. Not sure how I'm supposed to convince June that the Beast is an alright guy when a horde of nice-looking ice skaters are singing:

It's a beast, he's got fangs razor sharp ones.
Massive paws, killer claws for the feed.
Hear him roar, see him foam,
but we're not coming home,
'till he's dead, good and dead! Kill the beast!

The show was pretty late by June's (normal bedtime) standards, but she was happy 'til the end, including dancing during the send-off number.

During the show, June had asked for popcorn, cotton candy and every other treat that the concesssions people walked by with. We fended her off by promising her a treat once we got home. (I'd made chocolate covered strawberries the night before.) Well she fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep as we brought her inside.

But just when I thought we were going to transition her into bed, she sat up and said in a perfectly lucid voice, "Can I have my treat now?"

There's no getting past this one with sweets.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quick Weekend Visit

On Super Bowl weekend, our friends Jacob, Allegra and their daughter Liana drove over from San Francisco. It was a quick trip, but we were so glad to have them - our first house guests at the new house! 

We had a late lunch at a place in Midtown called LowBrau, which features tons of beer and German foods like brats and schnitzel. 

Then we drove to McKinley Park to walk around, look at the ducks and play on the playground.

That night we hung around the house. I made enchiladas and a chocolate Oreo pie (and was the only one who ate a very healthy portion of seconds) and we just let the kids play.

The next morning, we played some more and then walked to another park near our home.

(June is very much in a phase of wanting to wear dresses when she plays around the house, can you tell? Also, this post.)

Our friends had to leave before the Super Bowl started, but we lit a fire in the fireplace and watched as a family. June was more interested in the halftime show than anything else.

You're all welcome to borrow some of her sweet dance moves.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainy Weekend with My Firstborn

This past weekend worked out well for me, even if most of Sacramento might not feel the same. It rained basically the whole weekend (much needed rain, too, considering the drought we've been in), which gave us a nice excuse to stay inside all weekend. And being that I turn 39 weeks pregnant on Wednesday, I wasn't feeling up for many strenuous outings anyway. (I'm feeling good in general, I just didn't really feel like going out.)

We did take June to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, which was adorable and fun. We got to meet some more young parents like us.

For the most part, though, we got little tasks done around the house that we've been meaning to...with the glow of a fire from the fireplace in the background the whole time.

I finished up another little art piece for the baby's room, started work on the crib skirt I'm making, made another Moby wrap. June ran around the house in her Belle dress while singing Ariel songs. I thought about June a lot this weekend, and how we might only have a couple more weekends with her before her little brother comes along. She can certainly be very challenging at this age, but I also really love paying attention to the little things she does that display her personality.

She loves singing and when she wants to know the words of a song, she will pay rapt attention to you. She'll stop what she's doing and STARE at my mouth while I sing the words. She sort of narrows her eyes and gets very still and just watches. Then she'll clarify if she doesn't understand.

"Let the storm rage on!" I'll sing from Frozen's "Let it Go."
"Ray John? John? You say 'John'?" she'll interrupt.

We've also been having the best little conversations before she goes to bed. After reading books, after turning out the lights, but before I've gotten the motivation to actually sit up and get off of her bed, we'll chat and chat and chat.

The other day she asked who got her a certain book because she saw that there was handwriting in the inside cover.

"Grammy and Papaw Fred," I said.
"Papaw Fred...Grammy...and Papaw Fred are..." she started.
"They're married."
"They just are. Because they love each other. Like Mommy and Daddy are married."
"One day when I get bigger and bigger, I have a friend and I be married."
"Yes, if you want to. Just make sure you pick someone who is sweet, who has a good soul like you."
"What if they are naughty?"
"...Well...I don't..."
"If they naughty, I say, 'NO NO! YOU STOP IT! YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!"
"...Oh? That's what you'll say?"
"Yeah. And then they stop. And I pick a different friend to be married with."

When I came out of the room, Michael was doing the dishes. "Who was June yelling at?" he asked me. And I had to explain that it was her naughty future spouse.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Rug and a Horse and a Princess

Our house is full of hard wood floors and tiles - there's only one room that has carpet, which we are using as our master bedroom. 

Our home in Phoenix was almost all carpet, so we didn't have any area rugs to bring with us. Thinking about designs and colors and shopping for rugs has been a long, up-and-down process. The other day, during our daytime date, Michael and I finally bought a large shag rug for what we are going to use as a play room. This has been the first time in this house that we've had a big floor space where we can roll around and play on the floor without bruising our ankles!

I hope to post some better pictures of the room once a couple of other pieces of furniture get delivered, but for now, I just have to post some pictures that I took the other night. June and Michael were up to their normal wrestling and pretending to be horses routine. June was so affectionate that I just had to break out the camera and take some shots.

 (The scrapes on her nose...heartbreaking. She fell down on the blacktop at school during playtime outside, poor thing.)

June loves taking horse rides and feeding her horse "oats" and "treats," sometimes all at the same time.

She was not interested in riding side saddle, even with that gown on. Lady Mary Crawley would disapprove!

But she was interested in giving her loyal horse kisses.

Kisses of the nose-smooshing kind.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Few Hours in San Fran

The Saturday before last, Michael's cousin Janelle and her husband Mark were in San Francisco for Mark's work. Michael, June and I drove over to spend the afternoon and evening together with them. They live in New Jersey and we wanted to take advantage of the rare close-ish proximity.

We waited until after June's dance class - and after a quick lunch - before making the drive over.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few big events going on in San Francisco that day - and right in the part of town we were getting to, so while the first 5/6ths of the drive was smooth sailing, the last bit was  hellish. I think it took us 45 minutes to travel one mile, which is pretty terrible when your toddler is telling you she needs to go potty.

But we got there! With dry pants all around! (It was a close one for me, too.)

After a quick pitstop and a snack and a drink, we all walked through downtown toward the water.

We went to the Embarcadero and walked around the little shops there, plus we had a nice view of the Bay Bridge.

We had an awesome dinner in a small, delicious Italian restaurant and got to catch up with Janelle and Mark. It really turned out to be a great time and we were so glad to see family - even if it was just for a day!