Monday, October 31, 2011

A Mustachey Halloween

A very happy Halloween to all of you!

To celebrate, I'd like to share with you (a great many) pictures taken from our little Halloween party on Saturday night. The first two attendees were, of course, Michael and June.
After buying June's cupcake costume we thought about going as pastry chefs, but it didn't work out. Would have been funny though!

Remi showed up soon...her costume was so cute!

Here June models a smooch from Rem's awesome lipstick.

So I think that one needs some explaining. See, another little project I did was make all these mustaches for the party. I even made some baby-sized ones knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist putting some one June. So from here on out be prepared for a lot of mustaching around.

Including this picture, which is so funny to me. The way Smith is looking at his mom is so adorable.

SuperSmith giving June a kiss goodbye:
JP and Kai (or should I say Purdue Letterman and Ironman) wanted to model their 'staches too.

Our little cupcake!
June was taking a costume break when a gorilla arrived. She was surprisingly not afraid at all...must be an older age where they learn to fear large apes that sound like friends named Jeremy?

The gorilla brought Little Red, Nicola, who is expecting her first baby!

Watching June and Matteo together is always a ton of fun.

JP had a Grease-esque costume change...from nerd into greaser!

This is also one of my favorites of the night:
Too many mustaches to choose from! Kai couldn't make up his mind so he went for the comb and the barber.
The manly men and their mustaches:
And the girls (June was napping), first cute:
Then 'stached up:
I had a great time and I hope you have an equally great Halloween night!

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