Thursday, April 26, 2012

Separation Anxiety

Tomorrow I leave to go to California for the wedding of one of my New Zealand friends. I’m so happy for the couple, so excited to see my six-pack of girls, so pumped to wedding dance

But I’m also having anxiety, serious anxiety.

This is the first time I will have been away from June for more than 10 hours. Last night while nursing June to sleep, I got a little choked up. This morning June was a little fussy and Michael was holding her but she leaned for me, and Michael said, “There are some things only Mama can fix.” And I shouted “ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME CANCEL MY TRIP?” (That last quote is not actually historically accurate.)

It’s not an issue of Michael being able to handle it. He is more than fully capable of being on June duty 100% for a few days. It’s just that I think about me missing her and I think about her missing me. Will she be confused why Mama isn’t there to nurse her before bed? Or why Mama isn’t around to play with her at all? What if she looks for me and I’m not there?

I know it’ll be great, I know I’ll have a blast with my friends and bask in the glory of sleeping later than 6 AM and have an awesome pre-mom weekend…but…mah baaaaayybeeeeee!

Any tips for a mom who is going to be away from her baby for the first time? Should I take a plastic bag of her dirty laundry and smell it and hold it to me as I weep in the empty hotel bathtub? Any tips on stopping myself from starting every sentence with “One time my baby June…”? Can anyone tell me why I can download Skype to my phone but not create a new account from it?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


On Sunday my mom, Michael, June and I met Lyndsey, Fabricio, Matteo and their dog Leo at the Fountain Hills splash pad. It was perfect - warm outside but the water was a little chilly, which cooled us down. 
We thought June would love it. We took her to a playground with a few small fountains before and we spent the whole time trying to keep her out of them (fully dressed). We weren't disappointed - she had a great time.
Mostly she just walked up to the water, put her hand in it and made excited cooing noises.
 But she did also make a few passes under the sprinkling water. She was so adorable to watch.

 It's always fun to see June's Birthday Buddy and his parents. These two babies are so cute playing next to each other... I can't wait to see them play with each other as they get older.

This next photo proves that June is in love with all puppies, no matter how huge and scary. (To be fair, Leo is a big ol' softy and sweetheart, so he only looks scary to a one-year-old.)
We ended the morning off with feeding the ducks. ("Duck" is one of June's favorite words. We have a big ceramic duck we used as an Easter decoration and ever since she learned "duck" while pointing at it, she has proceeded to point out every duck and duck-like thing we come in contact with. This includes in books, toys and a fake duck up at my parents' house.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bathing Beauty

Our little family decided to head up to Fountain Hills this weekend and spend some time with my mom.  Michael had to work an event on Saturday so June and I headed up early. While we waited for Michael to arrive, we decided to have a dip in the pool - girls only!

June modeled one of the new bikinis she got for her birthday - and her new bathing cap.

I die. I die of the cute. 

We heated the hot tub until it was more of a fairly-warm-tub so it would be comfortable for all us girls. 
 June had a fun time swimming, splashing, walking around the bench and climbing out using the steps.
Even better, it tuckered June out, so come bedtime, June crashed in her pack-n-play. With Mom home to keep an eye on her, Michael and I headed out for a romantic evening at Scottsdale Quarter.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

This was not June's first Easter. But seeing as her first Easter was spent looking and acting like an egg, we'll say this was her first active Easter.

And man, was she active.
We had a delicious meal to which everyone contributed something.
I also made Kai a little gift for the occasion. It's a race track made of felt pieces so he can move them around and make and change the track to look however he likes. It's funny, I laid out this track as an example of what you could do. When I came back later he had added so much to it, it was so much more interesting and complicated...really shows his creativity!

I didn't expect June to be interested in the egg hunt. We told Kai to leave the pink eggs for her but that he might need to help her collect them later. But he didn't need to! She totally picked up her eggs! She'd even drop them into her basket but then she'd want to pull them back out again.
Kai's eggs were a little more challenging to retrieve.

I hope you all had a great Easter!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Puppy and June

June love dogs, I've mentioned this before. Every time she sees one she points and says "Pah-pah" or "bah-bah" excitedly. She pets my parent's dog Einstein in a (mostly) gentle way and then chases him around the house when he won't submit to more petting.

So Michael made a last-minute birthday purchase in the form of a stuffed puppy.
It. Was. A. Hit.
This is June voluntarily giving Puppy kisses.

Since then, she has carried Puppy around the house with her, sometimes with Monkey.
Great pick, Michael!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can't Catch a Break

Yesterday our pediatrician sympathized, "Yes, June has had sort of a rough year. She's gotten both of the Big Ones, the other being RSV. But I guess we can say, at least it's not another ear infection?"

In my humble opinion, "At least it isn't X" should only apply when X is a fate worse that what you actually have, which isn't the case now. Though if it had been another ear infection I probably would have banged my head against the padded table.

June has the flu.

And this just blows, man! She got the flu vaccine and then we find out that apparently it doesn't cover all the strains. So what's the...? And also, the swab to test for the flu gave her a bloody nose. NURSE BETTER WATCH OUT.

The past day has been marked by a very sleepy and irritable Bug with coldlike symptoms but thank goodness no vomiting (that's the other strain of flu).

I'm just over it. We try to do everything right and she keeps coming down with worse and worse things. I still nurse so she can keep getting all those antibodies. We try to nip little health issues in the bud. We carry around that stupid shopping cart cover that is useful in shopping carts but just becomes the most confusing and tangled mass of anti-microbial cloth on restaurant high chairs. I know we send her to daycare, which is the likely culprit but the truth is it could have been anything.

Discouraged. Doc said she might feel this crummy for three days or so.

At least I'm getting a lot of sick baby snuggles in.

Friday, April 13, 2012

One Year of June

I love that the stickers are all the same size, so you can see how her size changes in comparison with it through the months.

I love that her little personality shows up differently in each picture.

I love this little girl, who is quickly leaving babyhood and entering her toddler years.