Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall is Here

At last! (While the title of this blog post is true, it is so featured because it is the first line of the White Stripes song "We're Going to be Friends" which I was singing to June just this morning.)

You know how I can tell that Fall is here?
First of all, pumpkins. Michael bought a couple a week ago, but when I took June out to get some coffee on Saturday morning (Starbucks is about a 5 minute walk away) I came across these bad boys. I bought two. Michael also bought three on his way home from the gym, so our living room currently looks like a pumpkin patch.

Second: my need to consume all pumpkin things. Such as pumpkin spice lattes.
Third, it has gotten chilly. Not all the time - I still wore a tank and shorts out to run errands today, but the mornings and evenings have definitely been sweater weather (my favorite weather!). That meant getting the babycakes bundled up!
The snaps on her size 6-month sweater were quite strained. Time to start looking into more sweater-type baby clothes.
God bless you!
Unrelated: I'm a little concerned that someone has planted an explosive device in our neighborhood:
What is that?!?! Should I be reporting this to someone?!?!
It looks like it has the power to take out at least all of Arizona and parts of California. Or might be a pool chlorinator?

This was my first time taking June in the stroller while not in her car seat attachment. I know that might sound odd but the truth is that it's just so hot in Arizona that we don't spend much time outside and when we are out I'm usually carrying her in one of my carriers.

Happy Fall to you!


  1. I lovelovelove those kewl kat shades!

  2. I lovelovelove my baby granddaughter Junebug! (with or without shades!)