Monday, October 31, 2011

A Mustachey Halloween

A very happy Halloween to all of you!

To celebrate, I'd like to share with you (a great many) pictures taken from our little Halloween party on Saturday night. The first two attendees were, of course, Michael and June.
After buying June's cupcake costume we thought about going as pastry chefs, but it didn't work out. Would have been funny though!

Remi showed up soon...her costume was so cute!

Here June models a smooch from Rem's awesome lipstick.

So I think that one needs some explaining. See, another little project I did was make all these mustaches for the party. I even made some baby-sized ones knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist putting some one June. So from here on out be prepared for a lot of mustaching around.

Including this picture, which is so funny to me. The way Smith is looking at his mom is so adorable.

SuperSmith giving June a kiss goodbye:
JP and Kai (or should I say Purdue Letterman and Ironman) wanted to model their 'staches too.

Our little cupcake!
June was taking a costume break when a gorilla arrived. She was surprisingly not afraid at all...must be an older age where they learn to fear large apes that sound like friends named Jeremy?

The gorilla brought Little Red, Nicola, who is expecting her first baby!

Watching June and Matteo together is always a ton of fun.

JP had a Grease-esque costume change...from nerd into greaser!

This is also one of my favorites of the night:
Too many mustaches to choose from! Kai couldn't make up his mind so he went for the comb and the barber.
The manly men and their mustaches:
And the girls (June was napping), first cute:
Then 'stached up:
I had a great time and I hope you have an equally great Halloween night!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY Halloween Decor

So many pictures from the little Halloween party! I've decided to break them down into a couple of posts.

First, I want to show you some of the decorations I made. I had three motivators in throwing a Halloween party. First and probably most influential, finding June's Halloween costume and wanting her to have an occasion to wear it. Second, to see friends. Third, to get to make some of the awesome DIY decorations I've seen on Pinterest.

First I made this:
It's so simple...a string of Christmas lights (I used large, round, opaque bulbs) and Halloween cups that I found for cheaps! Cut an X in the bottom of the cup and just press over the bulb. Walla!
I made these little favor bags! Can you tell what they're supposed to look like?
Michael couldn't. :( They're broomsticks. There's candy inside (and little mittens or socks for the kids.)
The next item didn't turn out quite as planned but I still think looks pretty neat. It's a pumpkin that has spider-web-looking pantyhose over it.
I thought this could be a spot to take pictures of everyones' costumes:
Another suggestion from Pinterest - get a simple black table cloth and draw spider webs onto it with a silver fabric pen or permanent marker.
Cheap and easy decorations - fill glass containers with candy corn. Add candles. Don't eat candy corn that has wax drippings on it. (Does anyone actually eat candy corn anyway? Aren't they made of wax or something?)
I tried making these little ghost things out of cheese cloth and gluewater but they turned out to be duds. So I used the scrap cheese cloth to make this spooky looking addition to our nook chandelier:
A quick and easy way to spookify your front door: change your regular light bulb out for an orange one!
Pictures of party guests soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jedi Soccer

On Saturday the family got together to cheer on Kai at his soccer game! Watching these little fellows run around was such a hoot. His team are the Jedi. Don't be fooled by their all black jerseys, they're the good guys, not the Sith.
That's Kai going for the ball...he's #7.

We made signs. This was our Cheer Base:

There were a few tears at falls and missed goals.
"Another chance, you will have, young padawan."

We tried to take his anguish very seriously but it was just so cute and funny watching these kids zoom around in a pack and fall all over each other.

But the Jedi Struck Back and here you can see our Kai-man scoring the second of his two goals!
Which was cause for major celebration:
At the end of the game, we formed a tunnel for the team to run through. I was sad I missed their first run through because of the great photo-op, but was pleased at the Return of the Jedi and the chance to snap this one:
"This isn't the Capri Sun you are looking for."

The Force is strong with these ones.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Third Anniversary

On Friday night we celebrated our third wedding anniversary!
My mom and brother graciously offered to watch June so Michael and I could have a night on the town. I was a little nervous to be gone from June because, although we had gone out without her, we'd never missed her bedtime before.

We went to Scottsdale Quarter, which is a very nice, posh shopping/dining area.
We had dinner at Eddie V's, which specializes in seafood. We had lump crab for an appetizer and split entrees of halibut and scallops. It was so delicious!
Michael spent our romantic evening on crutches. The poor guy had been at work all day (no chance to put his bum foot up) and by the time dinner rolled around his foot was throbbing. I had him lift it up and put it on my lap at dinner. Here you can see out setup along with the phone that I kept on vibrate in my lap in case my Mom or JP called.
Of course I needn't have worried. JP sent me a picture of June sound asleep just before the next part of the evening.

We went to the iPic movie theaters, which is like a premium moviegoing experience. We got the nicest seats - in the back of the theater were these big recliners. We were able to kick our feet up and get comfy. They have blankets and pillows for each seat and there is food and drink service. We had coffee (way past our usual bedtime!) and dessert (peanut butter pie). You also get free popcorn in these seats but we didn't eat much due to being completely stuffed.
We saw 50/50 which I thought was great. It was funny, sad, cute and smart.

I had such a great night with my true love! Happy Anniversary, babe!