Friday, September 15, 2017

School Activities

We are lucky with the schools that we have the kids in. Lucky to have a really great elementary school for June, and lucky to just even get a spot in an after school program and daycare for Bennett.

One of Bennett's favorite things is to play music with various instruments, especially guitars. So since he found out on day one that his daycare has a full size guitar that he can use, drop-offs were never an issue. I would often come to pick him up and find him playing the guitar. Sometimes he would have talked another kid into being his audience. Sometimes he'd be playing all alone. He is so sweet.

June's Star Wars themed Bingo night...

June's Jog-a-Thon...

June's after school program's Spring Concert...

Love getting to see the kids with all their friends!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


We took the kids to SEA FAIR this summer, which was really cool and the kids loved it. It reminded me of air shows my parents took me to when I was a kid. 

There were hydroplanes, trick planes, fighter jets and the Blue Angels! We also got to eat snacks, the kids were able to enjoy some bounce houses and get balloon animals.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Seattle Swim Lessons

One drawback of living in Seattle - which is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, which is very densely populated - is that it's just... crowded. Signing up for things like after school care, daycare, soccer lessons, etc. is hard because stuff fills up so quickly. Same went for swim lessons. Which is why June was only able to get a spot in the first swim class of the season - starting in May.

That meant that the first time my kids were getting into the outdoor pool, it was about 55 degrees outside and raining. Thankfully the pools are so heated that they still loved it. 

Bennett was in the 'advanced' group for his age, which really just meant that he was willing to get into the water without extreme cajoling. :)

At the end of each three-week session, the kids end the last lesson with going down the waterslide. Both kids loved doing this, but some were a little more prepared than others.

Some evenings we would stay for open swim afterward and Michael and I would get in with the kids. (Even Judy got in on an open swim session on one visit!) When we did this, the kids would ride the waterslide over and over again, squealing on their way down.

Swimming is most likely over for the season, but I'm glad we got a handful of lessons in!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Family Camp at Camp Robbinswold

Hello! Is this thing still on? It's been months and months of stress with moving and a huge project at work, but I feel like putting up a blog or two!

Over Labor Day weekend, our family went to family camp out on the Olympic Peninsula! It was so fun and I looked forward to it all summer! It's at a summer camp called Camp Robbinswold, which is run through the Girl Scouts, and they offer one weekend a summer for families to come and go to camp together! This means open air cabins, sleeping bags and lots to pack!

We took Friday off and decided to head over Puget Sound a day early. We rode the Bremerton ferry, which we hadn't done yet, and really enjoyed the gorgeous views.

In Bremerton we mostly hung around, ate and enjoyed a park that had these erupting fountains down near the ferry building.

The next day we drove out to the edge of the Hood Canal where camp is located. We found our assigned cabin and got excited about our new home!

View of the water from inside our cabin...

The next few days were spent doing all kinds of low-key activities around camp. Canoeing, hiking, touching sea creatures, arts and crafts, throwing rocks in the water, catching crabs, finding the hidden disposable cameras and taking photos, eating family-style in the lodge and going to the campfire.

Some cabin neighbors caught a crab in their crab trap and shared some with Bennett, who loved it!

Bennett won Bingo!

The kids wanted to do the Polar Bear Plunge (jumping into the cold water at 7 AM one morning) so Michael agreed to go with them as the adult supervision.

When the time came, though, they both had second thoughts. Michael jumped in to show them how it's done...

But both kids kept crying on the dock! I was there for them, but only half-heartedly because I was too busy laughing SO HARD at poor Michael, who didn't even want to do the damn thing, and was now the ONLY one of us in the freezing water going along with the counselor-led Hokie Pokie.

For some reason, Bennett decided he wanted in and jumped in to a bunch of applause from the group.

June also jumped in, mostly because she was under the impression that only people who went in got hot cocoa afterward. She DID NOT enjoy it and was the last one in and the first one out!

Here she is making her way up to the open-air shower cabin!

Each family got a complimentary portrait taken with costumes. Michael and I went for 'evil' costumes while the kids went 'good.'

We had such a great time. I really hope we're able to keep coming here each year and making these sweet summer memories!