Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Steak Out

I know "stake" was spelled wrong. Hopefully you will see that this was intended to be a double entendre by the end of this post.

It was very important to Michael and me that we tell our parents about the pregnancy in person. So we told Michael's family during the trip to Solvang (read more here), which was great timing because we had only just found out about the baby but we knew we might not see the family for a long time after. What you didn't read in the blog post was that I didn't do any wine tasting that weekend, and that we told the Shockleys at the start of the trip.

When we stopped to get coffee at a little java joint, we casually chatted at a table outside. Michael asked his parents about their upcoming vacations and if they had any plans for next spring break. Just like we’d hoped, Judy made a comment about how they don’t usually plan that far in advance. Michael said he had a couple things they could do if they came, such as visiting a winery and … meeting their first grandchild. It was really cute and I was so glad to be able to talk about it with them for the rest of the weekend. (Plus, it was nice not having to lie about why I wasn't drinking.)

We also wanted to tell my parents in person. I know this sounds extreme, but we used a free flight and went to Illinois the following weekend when we knew my folks were going to be there visiting my Grandmas. We had a great plan: we'd drive into Danville, call my parents to find out which house they were at and then show up on the doorstep!

This plan suffered an epic failure.

We drove. We called. We found out that Mom was at Grandma Mickie's and Dad was at Grandma Helen's. And they weren't getting together for another couple of hours. We couldn't surprise one without the other! It would totally give it away! What would we do!?

We drove around for a half an hour trying to figure out what to do. ("Maybe we should just, like, kidnap Dad...")

Finally, I called Dad and told him I had something I needed to talk to him and Mom about. He took me very seriously and asked if he could conference call Mom in. I said no, they had to be together. He said he needed some time to get ready to leave, but would be over there in a half an hour. He was so sweet! Didn't ask any questions or anything! Definitely made me re-evaluate who I'll call if I ever accidentally murder someone.

So we did a stake out outside of Grandma Helen's house so we could follow Dad out. We wanted to arrive at Grandma Mickie's right after Dad did. Above: Us, staking out.

When Dad (with Mom now) called we were just sneaking up to the house, so I didn’t answer the phone and instead walked in the (unlocked) front door. Poor Grandma Mickie nearly had a heart attack because all she could see was two strangers creeping in the front door. We shouted “Hello?” and then to warn Grandma Mickie, “It’s Julie, Grandma! You know…your granddaughter?”

And Mom comes rushing out of the back room (where she and Dad had gone to take my call) yelling “Julie?! What are you doing here?!”

I said, “The three of us wanted to tell you in person…the three of us being me, Michael … and our baby. I’m pregnant!” I’m now a little embarrassed that we went to such great lengths to tell them in person. Oh well. It meant a lot to me and to Michael.

And all's well that ends at the Beef House!

See? Steak out?? Get it?


  1. LOL, that story is AWESOME!!!!

  2. You guys are hilarious!!! You really had us going. We are thrilled that you flew all that way to tell us about our new grandchild in person!

  3. just so you know I had to read this post to Cory because it was sooo funny! I loved it! You are the best blogger. Once again I am so excited for you three :).

  4. I think your trip to your parents and Grandmas was super special and totally worth it! What wonderful memories you are making!!

  5. Oh, and it is so cute that you and your mom chose the same color shirt not even knowing you'd see eachother! :)