Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Fair Lady

Last weekend JP, Kai, Mom, Michael and I went to the Arizona State Fair.

Now, I haven't been to a lot of State Fairs, but the Arizona State Fair sure is good for people watching, if not for being very clean.

We put Kai on his first little roller coaster. While riding he looked equal parts terrified and exhilarated, but claimed "I liked it!" upon deboarding. The State Fair might not be your idea of fun (it definitely has its...quirks) but I enjoyed it. I love the sensory overload. The lights, the sounds, the smells (which are sometimes appetizing - fair food - and sometimes not - the agricultural center, for example).And then there's the food. Between us all we ate turkey legs, a huge corndog, a piece of pizza, gelato, soft serve, soda, water, beer and milk.

That's milk in Kai's coffee cup - not a latte.
This is why I like the Fair at night:
We rode the big slide as a group. We even burned some of those turkey leg calories while climbing the steep grade to the top.

And we also rode the Ferris Wheel, which is a must for any Fair.
And we played a few carnival games - Kai actually won at this one. Despite Michael's expression, this is not, in fact, the moment of victory. He just likes being a ham for the camera.
On the way out, Kai made friends with a pony named Dr. Pepper.

In summation, I'd say the Fair was a great time. It's pricey and a little crowded (with interesting people, such as the woman with the three week old infant - I asked), but a cool experience. However, I would suggest bringing your own hand sanitizer. Trying to locate some of that was like trying to locate Carmen Sandiego.

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  1. The food sounds healthier than the Indiana State Fair...fried everything, including fried butter!
    Loved the reference to Carmen Sandiego. Michael had "Where in the US?, Where in the World?, and Where in Time?" is Carmen Sandiego. (I could probably find them for you in his closet...)