Monday, October 11, 2010

Legendary Reunion

This weekend was a little reunion from my New Zealand. I was particularly close with 5 other girls on the trip and 4 members of our little 6-pack were in attendance.

This picture is of the first day of our trip to NZ.(Sarah, me, Emily, Annie, Stacy and Jenna.) I remember just standing near some other girls and snapping this shot on the beach. When I later got my pictures developed I noticed that it just happened to be the same six that ended up being so close. This might not seem strange to you, but with 42 strangers mulling around, those first few days were spent hanging around everyone in different combinations before you really found the core group you fit with the most.

We took this picture later, which I adore:Every time we do a reunion (we try to get together every year) I always wonder if we will have changed, if conversation will be easy or tough, if we’ll have less in common the further we get away from that trip four summers ago. Every year I get pleasantly reminded that this doesn’t happen. I missed last year’s reunion and we still all chat as easily as we did sitting around the cabins and hostels all over New Zealand. We laugh about all the old jokes but still talk about our current lives and we still share the same sense of humor.

Annie and her boyfriend Sam, who coordinated the reunion while keeping it a surprise for Annie's birthday.
Annie and her lapdog Emi.
We also met up with three guys from the New Zealand crew. We had lunch up at Desert Ridge and caught up.

Jay slipped away before we could take a photo with him. Bobby and Brian (in above photo) plus Michael met us at a joint birthday party for Annie and her friend that night. It was a great time. I hung out mostly with the NZ crew, but my interactions with the new strangers to my life rebirthed my belief that most people in the world are normal and capable of socializing in appropriate ways. (I’ve come into contact with a few weirdos lately that had me questioning if it was in fact me that was the oddity.)

The Legends sure know how to party. (When we were in New Zealand on one bright morning, our group planted about 2000 trees in a single day, running out of seedlings at about midday, causing our tour leaders to call us “legendary” and be left with no choice but to let us out early for the afternoon and drop us off at the pub on the way back to camp. We’ve since adopted the term “Legends” for ourselves, leading to a bunch of Facebook comments such as, “How’ve you been, Legend?” and “Hope your birthday is Legendary!”)
(Sorry for poor picture quality there, it's from my phone.)
I left around 12:30 am, which is saying something because my bedtime has recently been in the realm of 9:30pm.

The next day the ladies (and Sam) came over to our place to hang out, watch the old videos from the Land of the Long White Cloud, get embarrassed at our own narrating skills and eat dinner.

I hope your weekend was just as Legendary as mine!

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  1. you are normal. you are normal.

    say this over and over again to yourself.

    Don't let those trekkies make you think otherwise.