Thursday, October 14, 2010

Telling Michael

This post was originally written on July 20, 2010.

I told Michael about the pregnancy by getting him an early birthday card since his 30th birthday is in just a few days. I also printed off a picture I took of the positive pregnancy test and put it in a new picture frame, then wrapped it in green wrapping paper.

I tried to finish dinner before he came home, but he made it home before I was done. It took all the self-restraint I had in me to not just blab it out, such as when this conversation took place:

Julie: Mm, I love this macaroni and cheese sauce.
Michael: Me too. What spices did you put in it?
Julie: Paprika, ground mustard and rubbed thyme. Why? Taking notes so you can recreate it when you run off with another woman?
Michael: Please, if I ran off, I’d run off to a woman that could already cook! (Hah!) No seriously, I’d never ever leave you. Not ever.

That last line didn’t actually happen.

Anyway, once the mac and cheese was in the oven, I ran out to the living room to tell Michael. I had him put away the laptop and he put the tv on mute. When I insisted on turning it off, I was convinced he knew it was coming. I told him that I had a small early birthday present and he said, “But it’s not my birthday yet.” I insisted he open it since he’d probably rather have it now, considering.

The birthday card was really simple. On the inside I wrote, “For you on for your 30th birthday. I love you. Happy birthday! Love, Both of us.” His brow sort of furrowed upon reading this, but he proceeded to open the picture frame. Looking up at me with wide eyes, he said, “What does this mean?” And I got to utter those life-changing words, ones that I’ve pictured saying over and over again.

“Michael, I’m pregnant!”

We had quite a few moments of him asking, “Are you serious? Are you serious?” and me insisting that yes, I was rather serious. We laughed, red-faced and stared at each other in wonder. I showed him both pregnancy tests, and he shouted triumphantly “It DOES work!” I think it’s pretty funny that both of us immediately were happy to find that our reproductive areas are functioning correctly. He also mused in wonder, “On the first try!”

It’s funny because I did think of the near future when I first found out, but I mostly thought of things far down the line. Like the ultrasounds, when the baby’ll be born, holding him or her for the first time. All the superemotional stuff (see crumpled face). Michael was immediately on top of the practical, talking about this affecting my new job search, that the baby’s due date is near the end of basketball season (his job), what we’re going to do about going to wine country this weekend with his family, how long we’re going to wait to tell our families. After only ten minutes of the emo stuff, he had his laptop pulled out trying to plan flights to see the future Grandparents to tell them the news in person. Don’t get me wrong, he was completely emotionally thrown off. Throughout the night he would just kind of mutter, “Oh my God,” or “Wow!” One time he came over to snuggle with me and he kissed my belly. That made me tear up all over again.

I told him that I’m going to try to be a nice pregnant lady. I’m going to try not to be too complainy, too demanding and that I’m going to try to be healthy and not use the excuse of “eating for two!” to balloon up into a chubby bunny. This is so vain, but I hope I’m one of those cute, positive pregnant women like my friends Remi and Lauren!


  1. You're already an adorable pregnant lady :) No effort needed for that one!

  2. You are too funny! You will be gorgeous! I just hope pregnancy is good to you, and this morning sickness goes soon. Um, so I just got teary reading this, dang you are a good writer. I love this. So happy for you guys!!

  3. Thanks Julie! Totally got teary eyed when I read the part you wrote about saying the words you've been dreaming of saying... Yep, tears.. I am such a baby! Haha!