Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prepping to Paint

First of all let me say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for the wonderful comments and well wishes about the pregnancy. We're so excited!

With a baby on the way, we're trying to get some home projects done now rather than later. Number one of the list is getting the house painted! We love our tall ceilings but it does make for a whole bunch of white walls, especially since we don't have a ton of art up on the walls. We decided to paint the entire interior of the house (minus the two extra bedrooms) one color to give it some continuity.

On a side note, we've done all our own house painting in the past. On this project, we're calling in the professionals. First, it's a much bigger project. Also, since I wouldn't be helping out (fetus and paint fumes don't mix, folks), it would be too much work for Michael alone.

Here are the five sample colors we're looking at. (Let me give you a hint, I detest the dark one in the upper right.) It's kind of hard to see the real colors in the picture, but I figured I'd put them up anyway.Another side note, this is a perfect example of Michael being so adorable and (I hesitate at saying "anal", so...) meticulous. I've painted samples on walls before. Normally they are blobs, certainly boxlike but with no sharp lines. Michael measured out and taped off sample areas so we could have professional viewability when making such an important decision.

He's so cute.

And it really did make for a positive paint color selecting experience.


  1. Way to go! We did the painting right after we found out too, and I am SOOO THANKFUL! It made the rest of the preparations feel so small compared to painting! The rest is fun ... putting the crib together, washing the baby clothes (THE BEST PART!!!), decorating .... I am so excited for you both!

  2. Congrats again on your pregnancy! So happy for you and Michael. I bet your home is coming along great!!

  3. Are you asking us to vote? If so, even though it's hard to tell in a photo, I like the bottom left one. It looks like a warm tone and I like warm colors.
    Good luck, I know it's a big decision!

  4. you didn't ask, but....I really like the top two (not the one NO ONE will vote for because you veto-ed it).

    making "the perfect" chocolate chip cookie recipe, then taking it to a public place for people to vote. question: if you were walking through a mall, or parking lot, or movie theatre, would YOU eat any home baked good from a complete stranger?