Monday, October 4, 2010

I can't keep it inside any longer!!!

Guys, it’s time to tell you a secret. A wonderful, wonderful secret that I’ve been keeping from you.

I’m pregnant!

And not even a little pregnant – I’m 15 weeks along! Out of the first trimester! Right now there is a baby about the size of a naval orange nestled somewhere in my uteral-bellybutton region!Whew! It feels good to post about it. Keeping pregnancy a secret is tough business! I’ve had so many thoughts, emotions and “Squee!” moments since that positive test showed up, and I’ve wanted to share them all on here, but they ended up on a long Word document or in my regular journal at home. I know that this blog is public – really anyone can read it and I didn’t want to announce it on here before I’d told my work. Except for telling immediate family, Michael and I kept the whole thing a secret until 12 weeks, which was when we told friends and told family that they could start spreading the news too.

Now that our big secret is out I hope to go back and post some of the entries I made from the days and weeks after we first found out about the baby. But here is a synopsis:
  • Yes, we were “trying.” We were incredibly blessed and conceived the first month we tried.
  • Some of Michael’s first words after I told him were – after looking down at his manparts – “THEY WORK!!” (Is it odd that I had a similar thought? I think it’s pretty common to have a slight question about one’s own fertility, but still.)
  • I’ve had pretty bad all-day sickness (whoever called it “morning” sickness was either ill-informed or a sick, sick jokester), which isn’t over yet. I’m holding out for the 16 week mark for the queasiness to die down completely. (Stay tuned for a charming re-cap of my vomiting highlight reel!)
  • We heard the baby’s heartbeat at around 10 weeks. I cried so hard the midwife had to stop listening because I was shaking so much.
  • I worry too much – this isn’t news.
  • We’re going to find out the sex of the baby in 3-5 weeks!

Thanks for sharing in this news with us. Although I am really busy with work right now, I hope to post more frequently now that the #1 subject I think about all day is public news. I started to write an oath to also post about things not pregnancy- or baby-related so as to not annoy my readership, but then I remembered three things. First, that this is my blog and I really should just write about whatever I want (but I don’t want to become one-faceted, so I still think I’ll try for this goal). Two, you might already be annoyed with what I write, and I have no control over what annoys you anyway. And three, most of my readership comes from women with the word “Mom” in their titles (Hi, Vick and Jude!) and “Grandma” (Hey, Helen and Mimi!), and those people are probably the ones that mind baby-related overshare the least.


  1. Holy Crap Julie!!! Way to keep the secret forever!!! CONGRATS

  2. Yay, congrats Julie and Michael!!!

  3. Woo hoo! I'm so happy it's all out in the open finally! I am incredibly impressed with your ability to keep this a secret for so long :) You're amazing, as usual!
    Also - you will be an amazing Mom :) I can't wait to meet the BABY!

  4. I think I am as relieved as you are to finally be able to go public with your wonderful's been a long 2.5 months since we celebrated your announcement. And by the every day if you like with baby news...we will read it with joy! We can't wait for "Baby Shock"! Take good care of yourself!

  5. WOOHOOO!!! I know we are just blog buddies but I get so excited for babies! Our little person is due any day now and we just CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Excited to hear about the preggy journey. It really is a joy!

  6. We are soooo excited to be grandparents to Baby Shock! I can't wait to read more about your pregnancy and daily happenings on your blog.<3 We love you and Michael so much and know you'll be great parents. Your baby will be both gorgeous and hilarious!!!

  7. Congratulations, That is so very exciting!

  8. That's my and Michael should be proud to keep a secret for this long! And, since you both come from athletic stock, Baby Shock should already have received some recruiting calls from prospective college coaches!! See you in a couple of days....AG (Anonymous Grandfather)


    Seriously, your comments all mean so much to me!

  10. Congratulations Julie! This is so exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear all about your little one!

  11. Julie and Michael --Whoa!!!!! this is big news!! I can't believe that you could keep it secret so long. Congratulations, kids - this will be the wildest ride of your lives - here's to making it the most fun ever! Blessings and much love - ALo and UDan

  12. wow. pathetic. I had to hear the news from Ashley who found out on facebook. this is why computers are muy importante.

    woo-hoo, give us TWO! this is the chant I made up after many sick pregnant days...I thought, how nice would it be to have one nasty sickpregnancy and two babies!!! has it crossed your mind?