Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Great Danes in Solvang

I know this post on our wonderful trip to Solvang with my In-Laws is long overdue, but maybe you can believe me when I say there's been a lot going on lately.

We got into California on Friday evening and went straight to a restaurant to have dinner with the family and two friends. We had a little celebration for the birthday boy:
We got down to business on Saturday morning. After stopping for some coffee, we started the drive up to Solvang, which is just north of Santa Barbara. It was time for lunch so we stopped at a local market to grab some picnic items to take to the first winery.

The first place we stopped was the Rideau Winery. We had a wonderful tasting inside in the Reserve Room and then bought a couple bottles to take outside with our picnic.
Wines, bread, cured meats, cheeses, cherries...heaven.
Rideau had some gorgeous grounds.

The Family Tree!
Or, the family in a tree.

The next place was the Buttonwood Vineyard.
In addition to creating wines, they are a peach farm. The smell was so sweet and these trees were so beautiful!

We stopped in Solvang on our way to the hotel. I think I previously mentioned that it looked like an old Dutch settlement - well, it was actually Danish, as in 'from Denmark.'

Just hanging some clogs.

That's a saddle he's sitting in, if you couldn't tell.
I now blog before you in shame. I did not take any pictures in The Hitching Post! I don't know what came over me! But it was so fun - I saw the bar where Paul Giamatti sat at while filming Sideways, ate some delicious steak and tried their own wine.

The next morning we stopped in Solvang again. Although we were in 'downtown' Solvang, a lot of local wineries had tasting rooms in the little town.
We stopped for some Danish danishes, which we delish.
See the Solvang name on the Danish flag?
Despite the fact that I'm dressed for arctic weather and the rest of the family is in summer clothes, I promise we were in fact on the same vacation. I just got a little chilly in the shade is all.
We took the scenic route on the way home, stopping at a cool recreational area on the beach.

Gorgeous, isn't it?

We had such a great time with the family. We had great weather, tasted great wines, saw great sights and shared some great laughs.


  1. Thanks for such a great recap of our wonderful weekend together! I love the Family in Tree pic!

  2. Great pictures, Jules!!!! It looks like you had a fabulous time. I loved all the pictures but especially the one of you in wooden shoes, Michael's birthday and the family tree :-)

  3. You sold me! I don't even drink, but I want my next vacay to be Solvang!