Friday, October 15, 2010

Belly Pics, Month 1-4

I've been taking pictures of my stomach every two weeks to document the progression of my baby belly. Even now - at almost 17 weeks - I know that I'm more uterus and bloat than baby. Still, I thought I'd fill you in on the belly pics I've taken since I first found out I was pregnant.
I didn't take a picture at 8 weeks. I did take them at 6 and 10 but 6 looked just like 4 and 10 looks just like 12. And this was taken on Sunday. Unfortunately my expression was odd plus it didn't occur to me to check if I had makeup smeared across my face, so I had to do some photoshopping. I think you'll agree that I have a potential future career in fashion magazine editing.
I know, I know, I'm not really showing yet. BUT it does seem to pop out more when I'm wearing a tight shirt. I'll try to post more belly pics now and then as the next five months progress!


  1. Thank you!!! You know these were the pics I was waiting for. I can't wait for the chance to pat the baby belly and feel my grandbaby. I'm so excited that you have felt your baby moving. It will seem more miraculous each day!

  2. YAY Julie!!! You are going to be a beautiful pregnant women!! I am so looking forward to seeing you "grow" and hearing all about the baby details over the next 5 months!!!

  3. Julie, you look beautiful! I had a great time with you today shopping for maternity clothes. I loved it when you tried on the clothes with the "7 month strap on baby bump" to see how you'll look at 7 months pregnant! What fun. I'm looking forward to every stage of the next 5 months :-D