Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Months Along...

...And everyone told me that my morning (all day) sickness should be gone by now. It’s what the ladies on the interwebs said. It’s what my pregnancy books say. My mom tried to do a psychological assault on my nausea by stating with confidence, “You will not have nausea anymore” so that mentally I would just get over it. My midwife looked a little perplexed when I told her I was still experiencing it, then said well, it should definitely be gone in the next month.

I felt alright all weekend, hanging out with the New Zealand Legends, staying busy and eating with gusto.

So why, pray tell, did 7:10 am yesterday morning find me orally eliminating my breakfast into the kitchen sink, having to turn on the waste disposal because it started backing up, then getting a nosebleed? During, not after. (For those of you who might one day come over to our house, don’t worry, I Clorox-Wiped the crap out of the sink. Thinking about having Michael do a bleach bath later, too.)

I moped around the office all day, daring someone to jokingly ask if I really should be drinking that large of a slurpee. I had my quip all ready, starting with, “DO YOU WANT TO HEAR HOW MY DAY STARTED?!?”

Lucky for them, no one said anything about the slurpee. Lucky for me, I didn't end up vomitting again (no matter how much I felt like I might during a 10am meeting).

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  1. Poor thing...it's gotta get better soon! Doesn't sound like much fun! Glad your slurpee didn't become a "burpee"