Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Sweets

Hello, and a very spooky and happy Halloween to you!

As you may remember, I signed up to bring cupcakes to the Halloween potluck at my new job on Friday. I spent about 3 hours on Thursday night mixing colors, dipping, frosting and otherwise decorating said sweet treats.

I made spiders,
Mummies,And, yes, I made the brains.
And made a total of about 50 cupcakes. So with the exception of keeping a dozen at home for when I saw the family this weekend, I was planning on taking all of them to the potluck. Michael asked how many he could take to his work. I originally snorted and said, "How many cupcakes have you been slaving over for the past three hours?!" He retorted that it would just be really nice since his work wasn't doing anything special and they'd all really appreciate them.

So I gave in and sent him to work with a dozen and took about 25 to work with me. Well, there was a call to bring all food down to the potluck ahead of time, and when I brought them down there wasn't anyone else there. There was, however, a whole table full of desserts including sheet cakes and lovely store-bought cupcakes (next to which I set my poor little homemade ones). At the potluck there was no going around saying who brought what (way too many people).

Here's the thing, guys. I don't make cupcakes to get compliments. I don't need people to "ooh" and "ahh" over them, but I really do like a little acknowledgement, you know? Just a little something that says, "I can see that you spent a lot of time of these. They're nice." But no one even knew that I'd made the cupcakes. Oh well.
I called Michael to see if he'd given the cupcakes away.

He said that they had been a big hit! Everyone had thought they were cute and supposedly one person even took a picture of them. Might he have been exaggerating to make me feel good? Maybe. But it certainly worked. I was so glad I'd given him those stinking cupcakes that I was going to be so frugal about. And the people I'd made them for didn't even know it! Funny how things turn out, isn't it?

A safe and fun evening to everyone!


  1. I was seriously oooo-ing and ahhhing as i read this! Well done, you domestic woman! Can't wait to see what gender the little babe is!!

  2. Julie, you absolutely have a baking talent there!!! I just know, not only did your cupcakes taste better than the store bought kind, but the store bought cupcakes could not possibly be cuter or more interesting than your variety of frightful treats. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Erik LOVES all the cupcakes you made! Me too! :)