Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I tip my High Hat to you, sir!

When my friend Remi invited me over to make cupcakes this weekend, of course I said yes. What I didn't know at the time was that she was professional status when it came to making cupcakes - especially in that she aims high. We didn't make any measly boxed cupcakes, we made gourmet cupcakes.

(When I say "we," I mean she, her sister and their neighbor Logan. I spent most of my time supervising [read: watching])

We made red velvet cupcakes from a cherished family recipe. We also made High Hats, which were mistakenly referred to as Tall Hats, Tall Boys and High Boys for the rest of the day. HIgh Hats are made in three steps. First, the rich chocolate cake. Then you make a stiff marshmallow-like substance that you pile onto the cupcake with a piping gun. After letting them set for a while, you dip the tops into melted chocolate (melting the chocolate was really the only thing I did for these cupcakes - and they still let me take some home, bless!). What you end up with is a decadent cupcake that looks like one of those dip cones from Dairy Queen. These were so good, but also very rich.

We also made red velvet cupcakes from a cherished family recipe. We made both norma-sized and mini 'cakes.It was a great time, and I'm truly grateful that everyone let me take cupcakes home even though I really only melted some chocolate and sifted the flour. JP, Michael and Kai were also grateful because they got to sample the wares that night!