Monday, November 1, 2010

Feeling Crafty

My dear friend Jaye and I got together on Friday for some much-needed girltime. When we decide to do this we usually go back and forth for awhile deciding what we want to do.

"I could make dinner at my house."
"Or we could meet for dinner someplace in between.'
"Are there any movies you want to see?"

Well, I ran an idea past Jaye and she was game. I wanted to make these:Little fabric flower brooches that can be worn on clothes, attached to a purse, in your hair even! We started out with nought but some fabric pieces, hot glue guns and some needles and thread.

I thought we'd be like a little brooch making factory, making at least two in one evening. No such luck. Between our perfectionism, chattiness and minutes of staring at the cloth to get a "vision," we each made one.

But I have to admit that I like the outcome.

We might not be ready to open up our own business, but it was fun!

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