Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cincinnati Beginning

I tell you, never before have I seen a couple overcome so much adversity when it came to their wedding. Lauren and Meredith had their wedding venue cancel on them two weeks before the wedding. Then, their backup venue that they had scrambled to find cancelled on them TWO DAYS before their wedding. But they didn't panic, they didn't despair, and they figured something out. 

In a turn of events that ended up perfectly for our little family, the wedding was finally settled as being at the same Bed & Breakfast that we were staying at! This wasn't a complete coincidence, my in-laws booked rooms at this B&B after seeing it while it was being considered as a venue in the early stages of planning. 

When we pulled up to the B&B, Six Acres, I was immediately charmed off my feet. 

The place was just so charming. It has some awesome history and was a part of the Underground Railroad. Every room was decorated with its own style and unique furnishings. Our bathroom was big enough to set up June's pack-n-play, which we loved because it gave us the ability to stay up later than she did at night. 

I think June could sense my overflowing joy at this room and it's huge bed with quilts. All she wanted to do all weekend was jump.

As soon as we showed up we found Lauren, Meredith and a bunch of their friends working to turn the B&B into a wedding site for the next day. I was so touched by the amount of friends they had that were willing to work hard for long hours to make their wedding dreams come true. We worked almost all the way up to the rehearsal and dinner that night.

June got to see her second cousins, Sammy and Charlie. She loved these two, despite how indifferent she appears here:

After the rehearsal, we headed to a bar down the street to enjoy some food, drinks and time together. 

Being on Arizona time (three hours earlier) was really perfect for this trip. June was able to stay up late (11:00 PM) and still be on her schedule that we keep at home. So many people were a little surprised to see her so active and happy at 11PM but I kept telling everyone that we were on AZ time. "I'M NOT A BAD MOM letting my kid stay up til 11 at a bar," I wanted to shout. "I only let my kid stay up til 8 PM at a bar!"

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