Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Chop

I cut six inches off my hair! I know it’s shown up in photos on the blog but a friend brought my attention to the fact that I never really mentioned it. I was overdue for a cut (I usually average about 6 months between haircuts due to a mixture of laziness and forgetfulness) and when I finally got around to it, I wanted to do something different than the ol’ “just a trim, please.” So I looked at a few Google Image searches and ended up telling the stylist that I wanted a “long bob.”

Right after the cut:

I like it, and Michael said he felt like he had a “new hot girlfriend” (bless his heart?). In some ways it's easier to deal with, in other ways it takes more effort. This is me today having let it air-dry from the shower:

But I can’t really fit it all back into a ponytail. The short bits near my neck don’t make it into the elastic and kind of poof out in what Ican only refer to as a “pageboy” look:

So I'm trying work-arounds by making an extra little ponytail of those little extras, which looks like a rattail., actually that's my only work-around right now. Any ideas?

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