Thursday, May 23, 2013

Toddler Travel Time

Traveling with June this time around had its ups and downs.

She didn't nap at all on the way out there. Unfortunately we haven't been doing as well scheduling flights during ENT (Established Nap Time), and we paid the price for it.

And maybe it was that I packed her play bag within an hour of leaving the house, but I was totally drawing a blank here. I couldn't bring her loud toys, and none of her little dolls were going to keep her occupied. I had my work iPad on me, but it didn't have any apps for her on it. I really felt like we were struggling to think of things to keep her occupied the whole time.

The flight home was another story. June hadn't had a nap that day and we were keeping her up with the express purpose of getting her to nap on the plane. The poor Junebug was trying so desperately to nap in the car on the way to the airport and we gave Grammy the task of keeping her up. Pretty sure we had to resort to poking her a few times. The poor child was permitted to snooze an hour later on the flight and we were all glad.

And just HYPOTHETICALLY speaking... this window:

Would you consider it belonging to your row? Or the row in front of you?

Would you, say, close it without thinking because its light was pouring in on your sleeping toddler? Would you be overcome with awkwardness as the man in front of you deliberately looked back and forth from you to the window in question?

Would you, in response, decide to ever so slowly, centimeters at a time, move the window shade back up so as to not create any awkwardness, therefore creating the most possible awkwardness as the man caught you doing this?

Just wondering. Not that this happened to Michael. While I cried tears of laughter from the aisle seat.

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