Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Jack Haven

Now that I've rambled about the nature fix I got in Happy Jack, let me tell you a bit about the rest of our stay. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the main living room. During the day, June played with her toys, jumped off the step up to the fireplace (seen below) and climbed the stairs to the second story over and over again. 

Here Eric shows June how to use the elk call:

We did have an ... incident. June fell off the chair she was sitting squirming on and landed right on her belly. Michael saw the whole thing and said that she didn't hit her head on the ground, but it became clear that she bit her lip something fierce. There was some blood on the outside and a lot of blood on the inside. Of course we were immediately terrified that she bit all the way through, and there we were an hour drive away from any emergency department. 

We consoled her and put ice on it, but the thing that really set her off was when she thought I ate some of her cheese. (I...don't even know what to say about this. Future June, if you ever read this, know that I did not eat your cheese. I don't even really care for cheese on its own. But your renewed squalling while yelling "NONO MOMMY NO EAT MY CHEESE" caused me a great range of emotion. Sadness and feeling bad for her, sure, but mostly trying not to laugh.)

Michael had to take her away from me and the cheese in question to console her in a back bedroom. 

When naptime was over, Derbytime had just begun. We all placed our guesses on which horse would win and June sat with her two new favorite people to watch. 

We later went to the town store to put a little money into the local economy slash look at all the animals mounted on the wall. This next photo gives you a shot of a be-antlered me and a Junebug with her cut lip. :(

We spent a little time down by the reservoir, taking in the sights and watching a dog fetch a stick in the water.

That night we hung out on the deck making elk calls and generally just messing around...

As evidenced here...

The next morning we closed up the cabin and headed home. June did us a favor and napped the whole way, which meant I could gaze dreamily out the window as the pines slowly became shrubs which slowly became saguaros.

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