Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Jack Hike

Last weekend our little family was invited up to a cabin north of Payson with our friends, Eric and Gillean. (June calls Gillean Miss Gill and is in love with her. Whenever June doesn't want to do something, like put shampoo in her hair, all I have to do is say "Well Miss Gill likes shampoo," and June says, "I like shampoo too! Like Miss Gill!")

Due to leaving Phoenix a little later than we planned, we made it up to the cabin (located in a town called Happy Jack) after nightfall. We were super vigilant and had all of our combined 8 eyes on the road looking for elk with a death wish. (Michael says the strategy if an elk jumps out in front of your car is to just nail it. If you swerve, you're more likely to hit a tree, and those don't give like an elk will. We didn't have to test the strategy out, thank goodness.)

Their cabin was just so awesome. It was rustic with wood covering every wall and ceiling in the place, themed decor and comfy furnishings, but with all the conveniences you'd want. A full kitchen with stove, oven and microwave. Full bathrooms. A TV to watch the Kentucky Derby on. 

This place really got my feels going, you know? Something about the woods that makes your blood sing a little. Especially when you live in the desert full-time.

We took a little hike Saturday morning to see the sights, explore and tucker the Junebug out. 

Here is June down in the ravine behind the cabin, with Home Sweet Home in the background. She's standing next to the waterhole built to attract elk.

Eric and Gill were awesome hosts, who used up a cabin weekend with us despite the fact that having a toddler would alter their normal schedule of going four-wheeling, fishing and partying into the night. I know that I appreciated the weekend to relax and unwind and be one with nature, even with a toddler running around behind me, threatening to fall off of every high thing onto sharp, hard things. 

Another post to come, I just had to separate all the pictures out somehow!

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