Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cat Cupcakes...Catcakes

I made cupcakes with June for the first time last week! A coworker of mine had resigned and I decided to make her some send-off sweet treats. That night I asked June if she'd rather go to the park or help me make cupcakes and there was no hesitation, so out the mixing bowl came.

For a while now my strategy has been: spend the time baking or spend the time decorating. Not both...that is just too much for someone with my time constraints and feelings of exhaustion every night. Since I knew I wanted to decorate these puppies, I went for a boxed mix.

My stellar time management ended up with June eating a cupcake right before bed. Luckily she did actually sleep that night.

 Since my coworker is a cat lady (I say that affectionately), I decided to make some cats based on a picture of them I saw in a book. (Cat lady story - when I borrowed her iPad, I saw a folder called "For Olivia," much like my "For June" folder on my phone. I said, "I didn't know you had kids!" and she said "Olivia is my cat.")

This is the first time I've ever "built" something on cupcakes. It was very tame, just adding on ears made out of thin chocolate wafer cookies and piping the icing onto them.

About how we ended up with blue and yellow cats... they were originally going to be gray and orange but I found out a little too late that my food coloring had dried up. I did what I could with the colors that were left and ended up with blue. Strange enough, the blue ones were the house favorite at work!


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  1. These are beyond words awesome. Great job decorating!!