Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Birthday Dinner: What Did and Didn't Happen

Anticipated: Get June up from her nap and get her ready to go to dinner with the family.
Happened: Got June up from her nap and she barfed all over her dad. She was acting totally happy and fine so we still made for the dinner plans.

Anticipated: Relaxing drive to the restaurant while holding Michael’s hand and June babbling happily in the back seat.
Happened: June fussed and then barfed repeatedly, forcing us to pull into a parking lot near Washington and Priest.

Anticipated: June being cute and also snuggly in a long-sleeved shirt and overalls because we were eating outside.
Happened: Peeling soiled outfit from her body then wrapping her up in a fleece blanket while we consider what to do now.

Anticipated: Spending quality time and sharing some laughs with my parents and brother.
Happened: Spending some quality with a man who was either on serious drugs or else clinically insane and being terrified until he finally left us alone.

Anticipated: Gently pulling June out of the car so we can easily transition her into bed.
Happened: Pull June out of the car while trying not to get too much yuck on me and taking her straight to the shower.

Anticipated: Eating dinner and sipping a margarita at one of my favorite restaurants, The Old Tortilla Factory.
Happened: Eating Old Tortilla Factory food that my folks brought to our house for us while sitting on the living room floor in yoga pants.

My great thanks to my parents and brother for driving so far out of their way to bring us food. If not for you, Michael and I might have had a birthday dinner of cereal and yogurt instead of delicious steak, chicken and shrimp tacos on specialty tortillas. And thanks threefold to Michael: for being the one who was puked on, for doing the laundry so swiftly (thank goodness the smell came out) and for remaining cool and collected with the crazy.


  1. Oh no! julie that happened to Cory and I with Joey when he was driving me to the airport for a girls trip to LA with my friends. He was going to be home all weekend alone with both kids and when we got to 7th st. and the 10 he puked all over. We pulled into a gas station to clean him off...of course we didn't have wipes either. As cory was holding him, a random man came up to us and started telling us how you could get a great hot dog inside. Cory politely talked to him and got him to go away. What is with randoms talking to people in the middle of an obvious crisis? haha. Hope June is feeling better. I hate stomach bugs.

  2. Julie Jules: what was that Martin family motto...We Make Plans....and God Laughs! Saturday night, he was guffawing at us. We loved watching you two snarf down some carry out Mexican (actually it wasn't from Tortilla Factory, we just stopped at the Taco Bell down the road from your house!!), and opening your belated birthday gifts. That's family for you!

    Love, Anonymous Dad

  3. I know, you know, he's kidding about the Taco Bell. We thought about you all through dinner. We wanted to celebrate your birthday with you and didn't mind at all driving down to see you and give you your presents. We were shocked about your story about the random odd man in the Circle K parking lot. So glad you got home safe!