Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chandler BBQ Festival

If you know nothing else about me, you must know that I love some BBQ.

So our family discussion of what we were doing this weekend went something like the following:

"Chandler is having their BBQ festival this weekend."

No more needed to be said. We were going.

So we packed up the Bug and our appetites and headed for old town Chandler.
The problem with a place like this is that there are just SO.MANY.VENDORS that you want to try them all. They solved this issue by having each stall provide a sample that you could buy for $2 or $3. Because of this, we got to try the food from 5 or 6 different places.

It was a big weekend: June got her first exposure to BBQ.
At one point we sat on the grass and enjoyed our food and let June walk around on the grass. She kept walking over to a dog at the next group over so eventually we introduced ourselves.
Can I just get a close-up on that face for a minute?
She kills me. But apparently we wear her out so I guess we're even?

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  1. Oh my gosh! Is June Bug cute or what!!!! Wish we were there! My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures of BBQ. It looks like June definitely got the Martin genes if she loves BBQ!!! Love and miss you. Mom