Monday, March 19, 2012


It has been a tough month for one Miss June the Bug.

As you might remember, she got sick on and around my birthday at the beginning of the month. It was Diagnosis: Ear Infection and the wrestling of the sidebar symptoms that came along with it.

There was some tooth-cutting and refusing to eat and refusing to nurse and refusing to sleep.

Then last Saturday night marked the start of a new episode of feeling crappy. We took her to the doctor on Monday where we found ANOTHER ear infection. (It was the other ear so it's a new infection, bringing the June Ear Infection count to 5 so far.)

But even with the meds she didn't get better. There was night waking, coughing that led to gagging, fever, congestion, wheezing and rattling breath. Drowsiness, fatigue, irritability. Those things all suck big time. But what really gives me anxiety is not knowing what's the matter with her. Is it just side effects of the ear infection? Is it some additional medical problem? Teething? An allergic reaction? Teething? Am I doing something wrong?

I made an appointment again today and Michael took her in. The doctor thinks that she has RSV, a common respiratory virus. Sometimes an oxygen treatment improves breathing for the baby, so they tried it out:

It blew puffs of vapor at June while Michael tried to distract her with books. It didn't help her enough to justify us doing the treatment at home, so at this point time is the prescription.

There's not much else to be done but wait it out. We hope the worst has passed with this particular strain and she'll be back on the path of not-coughing-til-you-puke soon. And the path of sleeping through the night again.

In other news, June showed the doctor all of her new moves, including waving enthusiastically and walking all around the office. Upon seeing it, Doc exclaimed, "You're a toddler now!" When Michael relayed this news to me, I managed to keep my tears inside until later when I was feeding June while that "You'll Be in My Heart" song played in the background on Pandora. Then I didn't try to keep them inside anymore.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about June not feeling well :-( Here's wishing her a speedy recovery and that the Shockley family all get more sleep soon.

    Regarding June being called a toddler. . . don't be sad, it gets better and better! I think you will enjoy every stage!