Sunday, March 4, 2012

Festivus for the Rest-of-us

My birthday started off at 5 am when one June the Bug decided it was time to play. Thankfully she fell back asleep a half an hour later wedged against my back, which I had turned to her to protect sensitive body parts from her flailing and kicking.

We went out for breakfast and Michael had the server put a candle in my flapjacks! He and June sang me "Happy Birthday" but June was a bit pitchy.
Then we headed over to June's school for a little festival. Our favorite part was the petting zoo.
There was an alpaca. Need I say more?

There were a bunch of games for the kids. June was too little to do most of them but we were happy to take her around to watch the older kids. We also got to meet the parents of some of her classmates, which was a bonus! It's funny to now be known as "June's Mom."

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