Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Pro Shop Photo Flop

While my mom, dad, brother and husband were out golfing one day, my "in-loves" and I took June out to get a picture with Santa. JP made the suggestion of going to the Bass Pro Shop since it has all kinds of other activities going on - plus all of the outdoorsy stuff there is right up Fred's alley anyway. 

We I think we arrived around 11 am and I immediately went to the Santa line to check out how long the wait was. I was given a ticket by a very nice gentleman dressed like an elf, and was told that I could come back NO SOONER THAN 7 PM to have our picture taken.


So instead we walked around and saw the sights. June was most excited to ride on the carousel, and decided while we waited that she wanted a reindeer to ride on. The reindeer were a hot commodity it turns out, and I was SO PROUD of my mother in law that she defended June's reindeer (which she was still getting on) when a bigger kid tried to sweep in and take it. 


(Don't let June's awkward smile fool you, she was actually very happy to be on the thing. But her reaction to "June, look over here and smile!" has resulted in many interesting faces these days.)

Exhibits 1-4:

Oh my God, I do love her.

So we didn't get a picture with Santa, but we did see a bunch of fish...

And see some great Christmas decorations...

And check out some wheels...

Then we had a family lunch and headed back home to take naps. Maybe one of these years we'll actually get a photo with Santa?

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