Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Doughnut Attempt

The other day, I was a woman on a mission. I had a Saturday morning plan and I was going to take my family on my plan and it was going to be great!

I'd seen a show on the Food Network that was a competition between doughnut bakers to create the best doughtnuts. Randomly, one of the competitors was from Sacramento...and he won the competition! So I decided right then and there that I simply MUST patronize this local shop and I would do so that very weekend.

It was pretty dreary outside, though. I hadn't spent much time outside in the mornings, so we just put on some layers and went out and hoped for the best. 

We went downtown to the doughnut shop, Doughbot, grabbed some doughnuts to go and headed to the big park downtown.

Which was deserted. Because it was so cold and early. 

(I don't think it was quite as cold as Michael is making it seem in this picture. I think he was just being funny since this was taken after a gust of wind blew over and Michael gave me the side-eye, saying, "Is this what you had in mind?")

The funny thing is that California is in the middle of a record-breaking dry year, with higher-than average temperatures in general. Michael and I were just talking the other day about how we wish we were getting more rain so we could see this reputed "Sacramento rainy season."

June was happy enough with her doughnut, and didn't really seem to mind the empty playground, but we were still convinced early on that this would be a short park expedition. 

And just because I find her singing so cute, a little video of her making up songs while she plays by herself:

So we went back to the car past Doughbot ("We get more doughnuts?!?!" June asked) and headed home.

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