Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Since I'm so behind on blogging, I figured I'd go straight for the Main Attraction and post about our Christmas Day even though so many other things happened leading up to it. 

On Christmas Eve, June and Kai opened a box containing a couple small items and some new pajamas.  (I think we're going to try the whole Christmas Pajamas tradition. I was just talking with a friend about how odd it is to have my own family now, and how it falls on me [and Michael, of course] to make the magic and traditions in our family. Traditions won't just happen in our little family unit, we have to make them happen, see if we like them, and decide if it makes it into the family.) 

I was originally all over the matching pajamas idea but then reconsidered/saw JP's hesitation at the thought. I realized that an almost 7 year-old might not be thrilled to be matching a 2.5 year old girl, and that I should limit forcing children into matching pajamas to my own kids. So, you're in for it next year, BabyShock!

The kids put on their new PJs, set out some cookies, milk and broccoli (for the reindeer...we were fresh out of carrots) and then headed for bed. 

June, Michael and I were staying in a home down the street for space purposes, so that meant we headed down there. In the morning, we came immediately up to my parents' house for some Christmas brouhaha and breakfast.

June's big gift this year was a big set of play tools and a tool box. June is IN LOVE with all things Princess right now, and I'm trying to balance the scales of gender roles. She might have said something the other day about how I can't light a fire in the fireplace because I'm not a man, and after my head exploded, I vowed to force some other female figures into her life. (P.S. Does anyone happen to have any Eleanor Roosevelt toy recommendations? Joan of Arc? Madam Curie?)

June certainly "got" Christmas this year. She knew the pile of presents for her were destined for her and had some trouble having the patience not to tear into all of them at once. (We do the old take-turns-opening bit instead of a free-for-all.)

She also had some presents that she simply must play with NOW. Like this small puzzle...

She also wanted to "help" others open their gifts.

A wide shot of the Christmas group - Dad's legs barely made it into the picture in the lower right. And JP's new snowboarding goggles also got to make their debut.

That afternoon, we had the traditional Montgomery Inn BBQ ribs, saratoga chips and large portions of wine.

It was really great, and we were so glad to have both sets of grandparents there with us on Christmas Day (plus JP and Kai, of course!). I hope we'll have as good of luck next year to get the whole group another little one who will be almost 10 months old by then! Wow!

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