Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year's Surprise

Since Michael had already gone back to Sacramento, I was ready to spend New Year's not alone, but without my sweetheart. I was happy to have both my parents to hang out with - not to mention the Junebug - and JP even came out to dinner with us before going off to festivities that were slightly more exciting than midnight celebrations in sweatpants on the couch. 

Earlier in the week I had assured Michael that I didn't mind being apart on New Year's, that I'd probably fall asleep before midnight anyway, but as the week (and New Year's Eve) went on, I did get a little blue at the idea of not being together. 

On the 31st while I was at work, I shot Michael a text telling him that I wished we could be together. After work, I met up with the family (Mom and Dad watched June while I was at work) for dinner. 

Right after drinks arrived, I saw someone approach the table and say, "Hey guys." I looked up and just stared for what felt like 3 hours, not putting the visual together in my mind. Michael! Michael was standing at our table! Michael was there in Phoenix!

June and I were so surprised and excited to see him. We were both squealing "Daddy is here" for about five minutes straight.  (Thanks to JP for snapping some pictures!)

He'd used some airline points to get a flight for a just-over-24-hour trip to spend New Year's with his girls!

After an awesome dinner, JP went on his way and the rest of us headed back to the house. We had a pretty wild dance party and 9:15, because it was bedtime for toddlers.

June loved those little noise-makers.

After she was down, the rest of us got pretty crazy. There was some Crown Royal-drinking, some Martinelli's-popping and some countdown-watching. I fell asleep on Michael on the couch, and he was kind enough to nudge me two minutes before midnight.

I was overcome with happiness, there in my sweatpants with my family, cuddled up with Michael. Such a warm night. Such a nice surprise. Such a great start to the year!

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  1. I can't get over the pure joy on your face, Julie! These pictures are so sweet.