Monday, January 6, 2014

A Gingerbread Village

A few days leading up to our Christmas visit, my poor family was hit with an itinerary breakdown created by yours truly. I just...I like spreadsheets, is all. It was a day-by-day breakdown of arrivals, departures, assignments of meal duty and a list of possible Yuletide activities. One such activity that I really wanted to make happen was a gingerbread house decorating party. 

We bought some of those ready-made kits (so we didn't have to bother actually baking gingerbread), some extra decorations and then set to work. 

The kit came with a base and the four walls and roof of the house. They also came with some extra fun pieces, like a little gingerbread man, snowman and tree. Since our gingerbread man suffered slight loss of limb in the packaging, we let June eat the poor man. Next thing we knew, she had eaten all of her extra pieces and was eyeing those of the houses near her.

Such concentration!

Afterward - and after a delicious lunch prepared by Judy - we decided to have a vote on the winner. It was all very official, with secret voting and confidential ballot casting.

And afterward, a picture of the winners. Mom and Dad won first place, followed by JP and the Kai-man.

Congratulations to the winners, but know that I am starting training for next year's contest!

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  1. I looked at our first place masterpiece the other day, and was horrified to see that "someone has been nibbling off many of our decorations!! Please be advised that the results of this contest are official so there will be no re-voting with large chunks of our ginger bread house having been devoured by rodents, javelina, hungry scorpions, or lil' Junebugs!!! 'Twas a good time had by, AD