Friday, January 24, 2014

June's First Dance Class

We've been hoping to get June involved in some extra curricular activities, both for her to enjoy and for us to meet some folks around here with kids near June's age. We signed June up for soccer lessons that are offered through her school, and I also decided to sign her up for a free trial of a dance class.

June loves dancing and she loves dressing up, so I thought she'd love dance class, but the free trial class seemed perfect because, what if she wasn't ready yet? What if she freaked out and hid in the corner the whole time?

So last Saturday I dressed her in comfy clothes, brought out an adorable tutu that a friend made for her ages ago, and we set off for dance class. She even got to borrow 'ballet shoes' once we got there!

Being a first-timer, I wasn't sure what to expect. Would we moms sit in the room? Would there be a window we could watch through? I quickly found out that there wasn't a window and that we could watch through a TV monitor out in the lobby. I was a little nervous at how June would react to me dumping her in an unknown classroom with an unknown teacher. But June saw a girl she knew from her class at school and that seemed to make her really excited. She just went over and sat near her friend and I quickly backed out of the room. 

The rest of my pictures are TERRIBLE creeper iPhone photos of the TV monitor. I really wish I had some great shots of her dancing, but I do imagine that it's for the best that we watch this way. One of the moms in the class stayed in the classroom the whole time and her daughter was totally distracted and kept running over to her mom. Hopefully you can pick June out of the group...her signature pigtails (and the line of her part) should make her stand out.

(Now that I think about it, having such blurry pictures makes me feel better about posting these pictures of other peoples' daughters. I'm less creepy now, right?)

The kids were SO cute and June did SO well. I just sat there, giggling in the lobby with all these subdued parents around me. 

At one point the teacher placed shapes across the floor and the girls went one-at-a-time across the floor practicing a move at each shape. Here's June doing a plie...

This one kills me...

Spinning in circles...

The teacher had some other things for them to do, which really kept their attention for the whole 50 minutes. (I couldn't believe it!)

They brought out these little 'happy sticks' which the girls ran around with, banging them together. Then they each got a scarf and practiced waving them around. 

Then they ran around the room in circles waving their scarves. June loved throwing hers up in the air and trying to catch it. When she successfully caught it, I watched her go up to the teacher, get her attention and do it again. I laughed because I could picture exactly what June was saying since she does the same thing at home. "I did it! I did it! Watch this!" The teacher was so sweet and watched as June threw and caught again.

To cut to the chase...they got us, as they always do. We signed up for weekly classes and bought the "uniform" for the class. (They're supposed to wear pink. Side-eye to the little one in the blue tutu up there!) June now has her very own "princess dress" and ballet shoes to wear, and her very own class to attend on Saturdays.

I'm sure next week we'll leave the long-sleeved shirt and leggings off.

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  1. What a cutie.....reminds me exactly of another little girl as she tried to do her first dance steps! Luckily, she had a mother who was (is) a great dancer....and who always had time to help you dance!

    Won't be long before she's modeling prom dresses, so enjoy the journey!

    All my love, Anonymous Dad