Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Call Me Ralph

Weeks pregnant: 20
Days without taking Zofran: 2
Times I puked while brushing my teeth this morning: 1

That’s if you don’t count how I started puking, then stopped, then started again. So, technically 1.5.

When I was about 12 weeks I got my haircut and told the hairdresser about all the nausea I’d had. She told me that she would bet I was having a girl because girls are so hormonal, and having your own pregnancy hormones combined with a hormonal girl inside would make you extra sick. I thought that was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard. Now I’m wondering if maybe I’m the crazy one. Why am I still sick? I was doing so well! I’d gotten down to taking only one Zofran in the morning and feeling practically normal for the rest of the day, so when the prescription ran out I thought I’d be fine without it. Two days of queasiness later, Welcome to Vomitville. Population: 1. Mayor, Treasurer and Party Planning Chairman: Julie.

Sometimes I try to be dramatic and cough out little cryptic complaints in between heaves (“This sucks”), but I was so surprised to be yakking once again that I forgot to this morning.


In other news, Michael’s the sweetest husband and soon-to-be father of all time. Last night he didn’t mind at all that I hiccupped and burped from the couch (I know I’m gross, but the burps really do help my stomach. But will Michael ever find me attractive again?!?!) while he toiled away hanging things on the walls and putting books back on the bookshelves in time for our guests this weekend. These two cool cats are coming out to see us:
Russell was Michael’s Best Man and Alexa is one part sassy fashionista and one part sweetest girl alive. Can't. Wait.


  1. First: The titles of your blogs are hilarious!!!
    Second: I'm SO sorry that you still feel ill. I sure hope it gets better soon.
    Third: In the picture, is Michael drinking a beer while doing one-arm push-ups? He is not only a sweet husband, and wonderful father-to-be, he is hilarious too!!!

  2. if your hairdresser is right, sign me up for all boys because I was exactly the same with smith!