Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We registered on Saturday!

It was really fun and I'm so glad to have finally accomplished something. You see, we (mostly I) have a list of things I need to get done soon for my mental health. Registering was one of the things. Also on the list are finding a daycare, taking baby classes and painting the nursery (not me, Michael). Our nursery is yellow right now, but it's a yellow that is a tad brighter than we now want. So we're thinking about painting it a really pale pink now that we've decided on our colors.

Michael and my mom came to register with me. It was good to have our little group. Michael provided the comic relief (him insisting that we could save money on a breast pump by having him "milk" me) and Mom was there for opinions and informational purposes ("Do babies even use a comforter?)

Here is the bedding/colors we decided on:
It's different shades of pink and chocolate brown. We originally thought we might go light purple but it was just too hard getting all the purples to match. The things we finally settled on remind me of something out of a magazine or movie - totally beautiful. Can't wait to see our little girl using all the stuff we picked out today!

Mom was a great help, and Michael took his job as listkeeper very seriously.


  1. So exciting! That is the fun stuff for sure. How are you feeling!?

  2. I love your choices and Michael is too funny!