Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Limited Resources

Sorry for the delay in blogging. It’s not that I don’t have things that I want to share, it’s that I don’t have the means.

Our computer at home is basically shot. Between regular re-starts and re-setting of the internet, freeze-ups and overheating, my already limited patience with the thing is basically up. This means that I don’t really have a place to, for example, upload and then post pictures of our great weekend with Russell and Alexa in town. Maybe I'll have better luck tonight. I don’t even really have a place from which I could blog. I’m posting this blog from my work computer on my lunch break. Even then, I’m not entirely sure if I’m allowed to or not except that I keep catching my coworkers looking at Facebook and Gmail and Youtube at their computers, so I’d be pretty upset for getting in trouble for doing this one thing.

I’m so excited for the holidays. I know I’m not supposed to start celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I can’t help myself. I broke out my favorite Christmas music mix in October and am thrilled to find myself one week away from Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I rode my bike to the library. I strolled inside, walked immediately to the help desk and asked for assistance. I told the lovely woman that I needed an Romance audio book that had to do with Christmas. She didn’t even blink. “Okay, well, we only have two specific titles at this location…” I’m thrilled to report that I’m listening to an audiobook that is predictable and has obsolete dialogue and it’s during Christmas and I’M LOVING IT.

Any chance Michael will let us put up lights early this year?

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  1. Your audio book sounds wonderful. I really need to make more time for books/stories! I love that you rode your bike there too.