Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where better than a blog to humiliate oneself?

I interrupt your regularly scheduled vacation updates to show you some pictures that will hopefully make you laugh, cringe in awkwardness, be embarrassed for me or some combination of the above.

Since I blogged about how much I love dancing at weddings, I feel it's only fair to show you some of the professional pictures from Tyler and Lindsey's wedding. All photo credit goes to

I will start you off with relatively normal pictures of us dancing so you might be mistaken into believing I am an okay dancer. I will then finish off the photo share by convincing you that I am the most horrific creature to disgrace the planet.
No one can mess up "Shout," can they?
Still pretty normal.
Okay, facial expressions and robotic arms moving into the realm of "unpleasant."
I can explain this next one. I was trying to get Michael to 'milk' my thumbs. There is a particular line in a particular song that says, somethingsomethingsomething "Milk the cow!" So I tried to make my hands into an udder-like shape.
This is when things get weird.
Which of the following do you think just happened?
a. I discovered the chocolate fountain in the corner
b. I realized my strong Frankenstein-esque desire to squeeze a bridesmaid tight
c. I got detached from the Conga line and was terrified at the consequences

And, my personal favorite:
Wow, sometimes my grace and poise astounds even me.

The only redeeming quality of this image is that Michael is laughing so hard. That means that only about 99% of this party thought I was OUT. OF. MY. MIND. The other 1% consisted of me and the man that bound himself to me for life.

And in case you were wondering, I wasn't drunk. I do this kind of thing sober.

And yes, these pictures are posted publicly on the bride's Facebook page, for all of creation to see.

And yes, I'm available for hire to come to your wedding and demonstrate these kickin' moves.


  1. Your dancing cracks me up! These have to be the BEST ever - even though there are some of you from our wedding that make me laugh too :)

  2. If I were having a wedding, I would certainly invite you to lead the dancing!

  3. I cannot tell you how much I love the 'shimmy' one. Seriously you are one of my favorite people on earth.

  4. Yes, these are GREAT!!! They made me smile!!!

  5. Thanks, guys! I knew I'd find some kindred spirits on here that could appreciate a good embarrassing dancing slideshow.

  6. you should totally hire yourself out! love these pics!

  7. I love your freestyle dancing! You always enhance a party by your original moves. It's obvious you are having fun and that encourages others to let loose!

    I'd like to add that it's one of the reasons I think of you during the song "The Way You Look Tonight" because of the line "Keep that breathless charm" You are an original and charming.

    By the way, on the dance floor, I think you take after me ;-)