Sunday, July 18, 2010

My heart, My-konos

Shh...come a little closer. There. Can I tell you a secret?

Santorini wasn't my favorite stop on the cruise. The shame! I think the whole rest of the family loved Santorini the best. And, no doubt about it, Santorini had the most beautiful views. But Mykonos was my favorite stop. It was just so beautiful in this little town.My eyes felt like they were starving as I looked down every little alley, trying to absorb all the little hidden charms of this place. I have a feeling Santorini would have been just as wonderful, except we really didn't have the time to just wander in Oia like we did here.
Because of my love, this blog post is going to be long with a LOT of pictures. Hope that's okay.
This restaurant was (once again) just incredible. It was thisclose to the water, and can you see the incredible color of it in the background? We only had a few appetizers and drinks here. Michael's Greek beer:
Mom with wine, me with an iced coffee frappe (different than what you're thinking, but delicious!) And later I stopped for a nutella crepe. Let me tell you, it gave me a thrill every time I'd say "efcharisto" ("Thank You!") and they'd respond back with whatever "you're welcome" is.

In heaven: That's the crepe in my hand, and are you seeing these colored balconies behind me?!?
Stopping for another drink while the womenfolk take another round through the shops. We later joined them.Those were all the pictures that served a purpose in telling the story of what we did. Now I present to you the pictures that have no story, really, but just demonstrate how awe-inspiring and picturesque this place is.

I wanted to demand of the cats in the two above pictures, "Alright, did someone plant you here to make this place even more charming?! Cats don't just sit placidly in front of green doors, you know!! How much is the Mykonos Tourist Board paying you?! ANSWER ME!!"

The water here is almost a golden green close to shore, a teal further out, then a deep navy in the distance.
Did you know Mykonos is famous for its windmills?
The area above is called "Little Venice." This is where our restaurant was.
After all the wandering around, we stopped by a little beach in the bay where we were tendered. Mom and Dad decided to head back to the ship, but us kids decided to stop for a dip. But no, we didn't have our swimsuits on, so:Nice teamwork, guys! I think it was Michael who, at one point, muttered, "I've reached the point where, if this towel drops, this entire beach is getting a show." Had me laughing.
I'm so glad we went swimming, as now we can say we swam in the Adriatic and Aegean Seas! Observation: Euros have a totally different sense of body awareness/self-consciousness. Huge hairy men wearing speedos. Large older women splayed out on the beach with tiny swim suits. In fact, we hardly saw any one-piece bathing suits at all on this vacation. It was just so interesting to think about how different it is than in America, where women feel the need to cover up or surgically change any small imperfection.

After going back aboard, we all agreed not to snack all day because we were doing something special for Mom and Dad's 35th anniversary celebration. We kids wanted to treat them to dinner at one of the specialty restaurants - in this case, all-you-can eat sushi. (With Norwegian Cruise Lines, most of the restaurants on board are free, but there are some specialty restaurants where you are charged a fee [between $10-$25 per person], and the food quality is supposed to be a little better.)After this, we all headed to one of the bars on board to watch the Germany-Spain World Cup game. At halftime, Mom and I took turns running up to the "Chocoholic Buffet."

Hogwarts in Milk Chocolate?

Eiffel Tower in Dark?

Zeus wears robes of white chocolate.

And I tried to taste them all. (Would you expect any different?)

We took our plates down to be eaten at the game where they were preyed upon by scavengers (read: Michael and Dad).

Next up: Iraklion, Crete, Greece!


  1. Julie Jules.....somehow I knew that I should have confiscated your camera when you took this photo??!! Paybacks are hell, you know, so upon my return to AZ, I will be sorting through all your childhood photos to find some suitably embarrassing ones for posting on some public blog!

    I vote we give Mykonos an overnight test or two!

    Love, AD

  2. What an amazing time. You are such a good narrator!

  3. Yeah for more hat pictures!! I just love that you fulfilled this dream :)