Monday, July 19, 2010

Ancient Crete

This blog post is going to cover our day in Crete and our last day at sea. The truth is that I just don't have as many pictures from these days, so they'd end up being pretty sparse posts individually.

At the last port of call, Crete, our three couples had an alone day, meaning we all went off on our own for some adventure. I'm glad we did this in Crete rather than another place because we didn't have much time at this port - only 4 hours or so.

Michael and I walked to a nearby city bus station and hopped on one to Knossos Palace. It is a huge archaeological site that is about 4,000 years old (!) and was once the center of Crete's ancient civilization. We didn't really want to pay extra money for a guided tour, so we just roamed around, reading signposts and wondering to ourselves what certain areas were used for.

The red in the above picture was restored by a famous archaeologist to try to show what it looked like in its own time.
This picture shows an individual home on the outskirts of the Palace.

We had lunch back on the ship. I loved that they had Indian food on the cruise every day, and I ate it whenever I could (except for the days we were ashore, obviously). We also took naps today, and I ventured to the cruise library for some quiet time.
Dinner that night was "Lobster Night." This night was also, to my embarrassment, the first and only night I ordered three entrees at dinner! (To be fair, Michael shared one, and another one functioned as an appetizer.) I hope it's now clear to any non-cruisers out there, why it's possible to gain so much weight on these vacations. Luckily we were also walking a ton each day, so hopefully that helped.

We went to another show tonight, which was two people doing crazy lyrical balancing acts with each other while wearing tiny outfits.
After that we all went to the "world famous" NCL White Hot Party, where you were asked to wear all white. This lounge was the scene and was all decked out.
Then we all went to the casino together. I know this might sound weird, but it was kind of fun playing black jack while the table was almost entirely made up of our family. By the end of the night, we were still up $25 for the trip!

I can't believe I don't have more pictures from our 'at sea' day. We spent most of the morning laying out by the pool after finding some lounge chairs together. We ordered some of the specialty drinks of the day and relaxed.

We had a great final dinner in the main dining room. Sadly, we had to pack up our luggage to be set out and picked up for the next day. But when we went back to the cabin to pack up, such a beautiful sunset awaited us that I had to snap a few pictures.

It was windy, can you tell?
Up next: Another travel disappointment and London Part 1


  1. Julie - I am sad the cruise is over......

    Thanks for all the posts!
    What a beautiful trip.

  2. Jules: I am told that the word 'cretin' originated right here in Crete???!!! Any idea about this....and did you see any during your whirlwind visit to this island?

    Love, AD